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Reign and Reverie: NEW DELUXE


My buddy just picked his up and said the card stock didn’t feel like the other cards. He said it was “more flimsy.” Anyone else notice this? I haven’t gotten to pick mine up yet (I hope I can get it!), so was curious what others thought.


I thought this at first, but it’s not true. They’re the same weight of paper. They are more matte and lessy glossy, though. I kind of like that, to be honest.


The box is also one of the new shitty ones (similar to Arkham LCG, I presume). The old deluxe boxes are pretty sweet, but no point in keeping this one.


The announcement for R&R (“One last job”) ends with “Always be running”. Looks like another meme got picked up! #alwaysberunning


Since Sakai had no use at all… :slight_smile:

There, you can Snare a dude, hiding an agenda in archives. Use is limited unless you go genome manipulations with advancable rats.


Opened my box today, thoughts:


Getting a credit a turn is V good. It feels like the deck you have to build in order to consistently get that cred is far enough away from optimal that he’s not a long term winner tho. Like, Val’s bad pub is probably economically similar, if not superior, and she doesn’t have to dance the ragged edge of death in order to get the benefit.


I can’t evaluate her without some serious playtime, but that ability is bananas. By itself, click to gain 2 cards and a tag, then click to detag seems inferior to just clicking twice to draw, but if you mitigate the tag somehow you have a runner getting 2 free draw per turn, which is pretty aces. Reminds me of SSO, in that I think she either works or very much does not. The fact that her ability is non optional is a point against her.


I haven’t played against or as shaper in forever. I think that if the money is there her R&D multiaccess ability makes her the best of their pack. I dunno if the money is there or not, since I don’t see them. Taking a wild guess, I expect she displaces whoever is currently the Big Rig Shaper runner.


I like the idea a lot. I’d need to see it on the table a bit to know if I’ve missed some degenerate uber-combo, but my gut instinct is ‘FA id, not as gud as CI’.


Not in love with this ID’s ability. Yeah, saving a click is good, but they wisely screened off most of the borked craziness you might be tempted to do behind no rezzing/scoring. Feels like Traps McGee ID.

Acme Consulting

Doesn’t feel very strong to me. Most of the ‘if the runner is tagged’ stuff happens when you are clicking, not when they are running through ICE. This just makes yellow ice a bit better. No big deal.

The Outfit

I am so here for the flavor text, but the fact remains that the trade of one bad pub for 3 creds is a bad one. This ID absolutely kneecapped by no cycle coming out with support cards.


On the subject of degenerate sportsmetal supercombos:

I believe you can chain score hard with Arella Salvatore, Team Sponsorship, Calibration Testing and The Future is Now. Use Sportsmetals ability to fund it all + draw into vitruviouses etc. Season with Fast Break and biotic / game changer.

I wanted to put it in writing now in case it takes off.

Alternatively ive misremembered how cakubration testing works and the combo doesnt work.


Well, any 4 card combo is stupidly strong. Thing is to draw and maintaining it.


Even Salvage, Toshiyuki Sakai, Test Ground, and Flare?


Well im trying it. Anyway, with team sponsorship and TFIN you can pull stuff from your deck and archives. You have draw from your ID, and acess to click gain in faction. Worth a shot.


TIL Sportsmetal works on Score and suddenly I’m interested


R&R Unboxing!