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Restructuring your Corporation

Discuss Alex’s article on Restructuring here:



Nice insight, however I am curious what this means for decks. The way I read this you suggest to add them next to current moneymakers, but what to cut? Less, but bigger ICE?

Good post, as ever! The potential for a +5 click is definitely too good to ignore, but man corporate deckbuilding is so tight as it stands :). I think we’re going to see a trend towards decks with slightly fewer ICE to make room @Argamas . Not super-light, but I have a hypothesis that most solid decks clocked in around 20 ICE; that may move down to 18 or so to make room for more ops economy.

Good post. I would had liked to see one important simple point: Don’t rez every single ICE if you don’t need to, a few central server accesses will hardly matter if you can gain a huge cash boost from Restructure. Your corp is not too poor to play it, you make it too poor by wasting your cash to early ETR on your centrals.

I feel operation economy will be even a bigger trend now.

I agree, most decks will be running ~17-18 Ice, and some like NBN Never Advance or Jinteki can get away in the 15-16 range.

Rezzing early ETR ice for upwards of 3-4 credits doesn’t usually make sense if it’s only 1 access. Rezzing Ice Wall turn 1, sure. Rezzing a Bastion when you may use the credits for something clutch on turns 2-3? I’d have to consider it. Am I also stopping Gabe from getting 2 creds? Then I do it. Is it an Enigma on anything but the 4th click? Almost definitely rez it. But if it’s vs. Whizzard or Noise or someone running 1st click, and I need the money to help get me out of the “early game” ASAP, I’ll risk the access - especially in a deck with no 3 Point Agendas!

You cant do less but bigger ice, you end up with lamost nothing that works early.

As a general rule, the more big ice you have, the more ice in general you need.

I agree wholeheartedly with this. It’s amazing how easy it is to allow one access, then force them to waste an Account Siphon/Indexing because they think I can’t rez it.

Mind you, this is a non-factor at higher-level play (as everyone knows about it), but it seems to be the hardest lesson to learn for average Joe.


Nice article. I’m curious, though, why no mention of Successful Demonstration? It’s a very similar card, providing +5 credits for a single click, it just forces you through different hoops. Less control over the hoop, for sure, but it seems like restructuring your deck for Restructure is along the same lines as restructuring for SD, isn’t it? It seems like the card got sort of ignored after the initial buzz because it clearly doesn’t work in every deck, but perhaps if Restructure in the right deck catches on, then maybe it will become a bit more popular.

because when writing articles, its hard to mention EVERY SINGLE card in the game thats relevant to the discussion.

And literally every time I write an article, I talk about 6 out of 7 potentially relevant things, and the article is like 12 pages long already, and then some guy comments “But why didnt you talk about _____”?

Alright, alright, I get it, I’m now “some guy”, I guess. Let’s omit my “why didn’t you do blah, blah” comment, it was a silly way to start my post, anyways. My point was that if +5 credits for 1 card is good enough to build around, then SD should be given more consideration, as it also gives the same value, yet also has to be built around. I thought it was worth mentioning.

I agree, successufl demonstration could be a big way to turn on restructure.

Every time I post things someone asks me why I didnt mention X. Sigh, it gets tiring. :slight_smile: Not blaming you or anything, just happens every time. :slight_smile:

A neat thing about the card, at least for me as a novice, is the way it encourages me to play differently.

Kind of like how playing Desperado encourages a player to run, Restructure encourages a player to play with a totally different “bank”. Instead of hanging out around 8 in my NBN Fast Advance, just good enough for rezzing my Tollbooth, San San or Biotic Labor - Restructure has encouraged me to take my time, relax, and get myself up around 15, 20, possibly 25 credits before starting to Fast Advance.

In order to to this, I’m learning ways to protect HQ and R&D while holding off on rezzing ICE, mostly using Anonymous Tip and stupid Jackson Howard tricks that I probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Then, having all those additional credits has changed the way I play certain cards, Draco being the most notable example.

Adding Restructure, even without making any other changes to a decklist, teaches a new way to run a deck. That’s a pretty cool thing for a card to do.

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