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[RP] Troll Replication

I may be calling it early but i think Noise is going to be the deck to beat before long, the noise + aesops shell has received some all craziness boost recently, and now with Faust to boot. Anarch in general seems to be loving Faust.

So i tried to adjust my normie RP list to answer the new runner cards a bit better. It’s meant to be played fast - overdraw and rush as quickly as possible. Unlike rush decks the econ is still asset based, but i think this is correct in RP even when your rushing. Spam out enough assets and the click and credit tax for clearing them all is good for the corp, against good players it may not pry open an entire scoring window but it will slow them down so you can press an advantage, or at least that’s been my experience so far. Been winning with the list as is, although iv not yet set it against PPVP kate, where i think it will struggle.

Lots of cheap ICE with odd ways of taxation, troll iv found to be amazingly taxing surprisingly enough, slap a pup in front of it or an eli behind it, although i admit the influence requirement hurts. Lots of cheap low strength ICE also means parasite food - which is good, as eventually they have to run out of clone chips.

Turing could and probably should be a tollbooth + maybe a green level clearance or anonymous tip, something for extra draw anyway.

Batty would be nice, but the deck slots are tight. I may try replacing caprice with batty but sometimes taxing the run through an eli, a psi game and the credit to trash caprice is actually worth it.

Anyway, the list is probably trash compared to standard RP, but its been a nice thought experiment trying something slightly different with the RP competitive shell. Thoughts and criticisms welcome as always.

Troll Replication

Jinteki: Replicating Perfection (Trace Amount)

Agenda (9)

Asset (11)

Upgrade (4)

Operation (7)

Barrier (5)

Code Gate (5)

Sentry (8)

15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Breaker Bay

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

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Trolls don’t seem worth the influence without additional support - either ELP or Primary Transmission Dish, probably. As it is now, it’s either a 1-2 credit tax for the runner or a huge money sink for you (while still being playable-around by having a spare click).

Also, adding PADs doesn’t scream “I want to go fast(er)!” at me, quite the opposite. If you want an economy card that works well with “played fast - overdraw and rush as quickly as possible”, I’d suggest Subliminal Messaging. Also, rushing with 9 agendas probably wants at least one Fast Track, maybe two.

Don’t forget that spamming out assets may cost the runner clicks, but it will cost you clicks. If you want to go fast, focus on going fast rather than on slowing down the runner (which is bait he may or may not take).

Yeah, troll is probably not great. Its fun to play but a bit easy to just bulldozer in. Early medium probably takes it apart as well. 2c each time adds up though, but again thats been what iv found in the few games iv played. Probably not correct though.

Maybe its not any faster than normal RP, i may have just convinced myself of that by how quickly i was able to spam out ICE and assets and still have money left for psi games. Subliminal messaging is a great idea actually.

It seems this way, and I’m none to pleased about it. This is by far my #1 NPE in Netrunner. Everything else is fine to me–Psi games, Astro Train, Siphon spam… but now that Noise can mill all your cards, have money, and access remote servers… I’ll keep whining about it, don’t worry.