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Runaround - The Adam Thread


Anyone try Temujin Adam? If I wasn’t so hot on Temujin Sunny I would be trying that!


Spending 2 clicks on Always Be Running sounds more palatable if you get 4c back afterwards.


Another resource for linkless, bad pub-less, easily tagged Adam, though?

Still, the fact that it works with run events could help him come back from a hit.


Obelus seems cool in Adam. Drawing 2 off every crack into HQ seems tight. It is influence hungry, though.


We got it in spades. Problem is, Limit One Console Per Player


yeah i’d much rather have brainchip


Brainchip is such a weird console. I tend to believe that there’s an Adam build that’s good that doesn’t use Brainchip. My reasoning for this extends from Sunny’s console, Security Nexus.

No one ever thinks of making a Sunny deck without Nexus, because its power is undeniable. In fact, it’s such a good console that Kate imports it in certain builds. However, I’ve never heard of a Runner importing Brainchip, or Heartbeat.To me that speaks to the power level of the off-faction consoles.

Note that I don’t believe Brainchip is inherently bad. (unlike Heartbeat, which only exists to shore up an Apex weakness… one of the reasons Apex card pool is lackluster) It’s just… not that good? Desperado seems like a natural fit into Adam, shame it costs 4 influence. As far as I can tell, people use Brainchip because other console options take up at least 4+ influence out of his cardpool. (Desperado uses 8 or 12 unless you’re a madman that runs only one. Another reason I dislike the MWL’ing of Desperado… I think the only other consoles Adam might like would be … Maya? Box-E? Logos…?)

The problem I have with Brainchip is that I don’t see any real synergy with Adam from it. The closest is the hand size bump that goes with Safety First. He doesn’t exactly need a ton of memory though?


You do if you use that Sage Shrike Multithreaded rig. :slight_smile:


One top 8’d a regional https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/34243/art-thief


Brainchip in CT Stimshop is fucking genius. I love it!


Credit Crash seems solid for Adam. Anyone ever played with Demo Run? Demo Run into HQ turn 1 seems decent


Bit of a conflict with Neutralize All Threats. EDIT: “Must” comes before “may”, right?


Ah, if that’s the case it’s definitely a no-go.


@CrushU I have been toying with Ekomind and the Sage-Overmind-Independent Thinking routine. Seems really fragile though…


Getting the most out of Brainchip starts with running 3 Stimhacks, that one’s a given. But that CT list might show you’re better of importing Brainchip into Shaper, which has all the other Stimshop pieces, than getting similar synergy into Adam.

What are the ways to make full use of multiple Stimhack run credits? Personal Workshop, SMC, Clone Chip. Anything else that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, influence-wise?


It used to be SMC and stimhack, then MWL collateral damage hit. Workshop being 4 inf is the final killshot. The only other viable use is savoir-faire, but even that is kinda not great, even though we have the MU to support it over the course of the game.


The Paperclip suite might do some good for Adam. Stimhack dividends without support, and easy to discard in the first few turns.


Study Guide also might work nicely with multiple Stimhacks (and Multithreader) but it’s 4 influence each.


I have not seen anything yet that strikes me a really worthy to go into an Adam build. I had my best success with Stealth and I think when this cycle flushes out more thats probably where it will be again.


Are we pinning our hopes on Adam’s new card being something that will make him playable in the HHN meta? Poor guy just gets smashed by it.