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Runaround - The Adam Thread


That, and Neutralize All Threats makes CTM all the more absurd against him.


If it’s a new Directive that gives him a choice based on what the opponent is playing, that might do it. CtM? Swap out NAT. PE? Leave ABR at home.

If it gives him something to deal with traces or tags, that should at least make him viable.


the hope is more neutral cards


My personal dream: three new directives one in each actual faction and his mini-faction card is a breaker.


that would be interesting, but i highly doubt we’ll ever see a non-Adam directive

i also have a feeling we’ll see Adam’s card in the next pack. Sunny’s was in the first, and Apex’ will be in the fifth, so it’s possible they’ll space them out and put his in the third pack. if so, i’ll wonder why it wasn’t spoiled like the other mini faction runners

EDIT: i found this tweet, pretty much confirming we won’t see any non-Adam directives


It was kinda spoiled. We got Adam art titled “Find the Truth” with that set of wallpapers they released.


ah, do you have a link somewhere? i haven’t seen it

EDIT: actually i think i might know. are you talking about this?

i just thought it was unreleased art. do we know for sure that it’s art for an Adam card and not, say, for a book or something?


That’s the one. Clearly a bioroid, worded as an imperative. I don’t think it’s too big of a leap to assume Directive.


yeah, i find it hard to disagree. i thought at first that you found something official though.

it’ll be interesting to see if this ends up being the art and title for Adam’s card, and the more i think about it, the more i predict he’ll get another directive. it’ll be the most impactful imo for changing how Adam plays, given that you can choose between 4 starting directives and make choices based on the matchup. it’ll also change up including (or not) certain directives in your actual deck.

that said, i’m hoping for some breaker and/or neutral cards that benefit from having a lot of extra MU, which is something Adam sorely needs imo


I dont think i would get hopes up too high. Look what they gave Sunny. It wasn’t exactly a card that was solving her problems.


True, but arguably Sunny is the closest to viable at the moment.

Adam and Apex both need something bigger to get anywhere near as close as Sunny is right now. Especially in a post CtM world.


also Sunny didn’t really need any problems solved. as things start to cycle out, like Jackson, Astro being restricted, etc., and corps generally slowing down, Sunny gets better, and her current really complements what she’s doing at least.

Adam’s still missing a bit of synergy with his cards


I dont know, I think temujin can go a long way. If you HAVE to spend 3/4 of a turn, you might as well get 4 bucks for it. I think a 3 temu 3 TME deck with efficient breakers could be a good deck.


He just needs something to spend Multithreaders on, like the Deva suite or Golden. Actually, he needs a way to tutor and install those programs easier. Actually, he needs some additional directives.
In all actuality, he needs some anti tagging mechanism. Oh lordy, he’s a gonna need something all right


all he needs is something to capitalise on all that extra MU, or maybe some cards he can install and dump for Independent Thinking that aren’t just directives. or something to revert that weird ‘can’t make runs through card abilities’ FAQ entry. cos THAT needed to be nerfed, right?


Well, keyhole is annoying with Adam, but yes. Maybe something to make taking your card good/possible. Remember Rolodex?


Well the guess work is now gone and you can see from the posted spoilers that Adams card is a new directive

thoughts? feelings?

It think what this does is introduce the ability to change is play style and deck builds that were focused on building hand size.

I think my first builds will remove “Safety First”

“Always be running” and “Neutralize All Threats” helps too much with setting early game tempo


I agree that I’ll probably look at removing Safety First first. It’s always been a liability where meat damage is concerned, and we’re getting more and more of that. Not having to increase hand size as much means it may be worth it to look at other consoles, too, or at least free up slots from Public Sympathy/Brain Cage.

That said, a breaker-focused, slow setup Adam (sans ABR) might help with all the tags and run punishment. You can drop 3 cards first turn to trigger the SF draw and focus on building a breaker suite backed by Multithreaders. ABR is also the main reason to include Dr. Lovegood, so you can free up those card slots for something else. Of course, when you consider it a benefit to leave out your own minifaction cards, that’s probably a bad sign…


I like the opportunity to branch out and tech a bit, probably removing ABR / Safety depending on the match up. Then run 2 for RnD pressure alongside Freedom Through Equality that this turns on.


The new Adam card is incredibly exciting, I agree. It essentially gives Adam Globalsec Security Clearance, which is super-powerful for a Runner who rarely can make more than one power-run per turn. So let’s talk about directives!

Find the Truth 0$
Resource - Virtual - Directive
Whenever you draw a card, reveal that card.
The first time you make a successful run each turn, look at the top card of R&D.

The implications of this card is HUGE, because of what it doesn’t do. That being, you get to remove Directives from your initial setup. You can mod yourself to suit the matchup.

Regular Adam (Removing Truth): Aggressive with staying power. Weak in the mid-game where you actually need to build credits, but can bounce back.

Angry, angry Adam (Removing Safety): Hyper-aggro. Punish ALL the servers. Loses a lot of power into the midgame, since you lose your clickless draw. You’re a bit safer against murder because of early hand size and extra info.

Chill pill Adam (Remove ABR): All setup, at the sacrifice of early aggression. You can threaten HQ if you need to, but you lose your main breaker, which is rough. More suitable for Multithreader builds with actual breakers.

Remote camp Adam (Remove Neutralize): Decent early aggro, and you get a lot of info about the corp. So much safer against mass-assets, so you can set up a bit more. Lategame, you can pseudo-lock R&D and camp remotes.

I’m really excited to play Adam again! What was once the most inflexible and rigid runner around is now suddenly quite adaptible. He’s sweet again!