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Runner help and tips needed

I am not a new Netrunner player, I’ve been playing the game since it’s launch. I’m basically wondering now what kind of Runner deck to build. I’ve never have had any problem mashing a corp deck together and being fairly successful as well as having fun playing the deck. Lately, I find myself in the same predicament, every time I put a runner deck together I absolutely hate playing it. The main reason I believe I hate playing as the runner lately is because I’ve almost always been using Shaper Runners. That being said if anyone has a unique shaper deck idea feel free to post, but what I’m leaning towards is mainly another faction for my runner as Shaper hasn’t been “my style” of enjoyment or fun. If anyone has any deck ideas or direction for me to go with my runner decks that aren’t shaper please post, any positive feedback would be greatly appreciated.

A great place to get ideas when you’re jumping faction is the Netrunner DB “hall of fame” Decklists section. Despite rumors to the contrary, there’s nothing wrong with giving someone else’s deck a shot to get your legs under you :smiley:

If you’re thinking anarch, definitely also check out “anatomy of anarchy” article over at team covenant’s site, some great (if dated) insight into anarch building and play.

Lastly, it might help to know what type of shapers you’ve been playing! they have a ton of variation due to extremely flexible in-faction tools, but a lot of people get hung up on one style of deck if they don’t mess around with the other factions and get new ideas.

Any idea of what exactly it is that irks you about your (shaper) runner decks? Alternatively, can you give us some lists you’ve been playing?

If it’s the slower and more control type style of the Shaper faction in general that is something you don’t like (anymore), you could try playing Kit or Nasir for a different and more aggressive play, given that you want to stay in-faction.
Otherwise try Criminals or the mentioned Tag-Me Anarchs and see whether this run intensive style is more fun to you.

After all trying new things is not just a great way learning Netrunner more in-depth, it is part of the fun playing in general. Lopsidedness creates weariness for most people. Don’t be afraid to build your own decks (if you like doing this) and play and test a lot of things you think are cool.

Thanks for the input gents. The decks I have been playing in shaper has been mostly CT / kate. I guess what turns me away from these decks is that 90% of the people at my local gaming store play these shapers and generally use the same deck give or take a couple of cards in difference. I like variety in gaming and I guess just constantly seeing and watching the same runners kind of kills the running aspect of the game for me.

That’s a shame; there’s a pretty deep variety of Shaper decks right now. Try Nasir, Kit or the Professor if you want a very different experience.

Your saying there is a wide variety? Maybe I’m looking at the shaper cards wrong here but usually all you see around town is big rig with CT and Kate. If you guys have any guidance on how to widen my array of deck tech that’d be great as well.

I’ll second the Professor suggestion. He’s always been my go-to non-shaper shaper :smiley:

Despite seeming limied at first glance, there’s an insane variety of ways you can build him. For instance, try this - I guarantee you it plays differently from the big rig shapers you’re used to :slight_smile:

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If you’re seeing big rig, why don’t you start looking at toolbox Kate/Professor, or Katman (very viable), or blitz style (cheap breakers, many multi-access events)?

It could also be a reaction to your local meta - if every corp is a slow glacier, everyone will start running big rig and just snipe the agendas. Start playing fast advance corps and you’ll have won before they’re set up.

Thanks for the suggestions guys keep them coming! The problem with fast advance Corp is that I only have 1x core set so it’s hard to do fast advance imo due to missing some key cards. Now if you have any lists that I can get away with without using 3x SanSan I’d be more than welcome to try it out! :slight_smile:

Ah, just proxy or borrow them from a friend if you’re not going to a tournament.

Tennin uses Trick of Light, HB can use Biotic Labour along with San-San (and can spend the influence elsewhere if you’re lacking that card). Use Weyland and rush out the agendas under a Scorch threat. Lots of options against slow runners!

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The biggest problem with running that I have, is the fact that you have to adapt to the corps game plan and not the other way around (see FA, Scorch, Shellgame). Two runner decks that i enjoy and DO change their plans.

-Sterling/Andy with Source and Fall guys: Its funny to see FA decks struggle against The source and even never advance jinteki shell has a hard time beating this deck. Just sit back and make money.

-Kate with supplier UC: I’m running a deck that uses mimic yog morningstar as its only breakers. The plan is to break everything so cheap and play with strength. Using Dino, datasucker, personal touch and even helpfull AI. Its fun and it disrupts their taxing ice.