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Runner side slump

So, just an update to this (for the sake of my own memory, if nothing else), last weekend I went 3-3 with Runner (3-2 in Swiss and one loss in elims) and today I went 5-2 with Runner (4-1 in Swiss, 1-1 in elims), which got me first seed for elims before it all went a bit wrong.

I took the advice here and stuck with the same Hayley deck and it’s paid off massively - outside of terrible draws, I feel much more in control of my Runner game now. I’m still making mistakes and sub-optimal plays, but that’s fine, just more things to improve on.

Thanks for the tips!


Sometimes things just go wrong. I’ve been playing Dumblefork and minor variants on it for a couple months now. Been doing fairly well, wins more than it loses. Took it to a SC this weekend and went 0-4. S**t happens sometimes. That said, it’s definitely depressing on the day. “Am I just bad at Runner?” I mean, my corp deck went 4-0, so I know how to play one side right at least.

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Really glad to have checked back here and see that you’ve found a groove. Always nice to see positive results out of internet forum traffic :slight_smile:

I had one of those; my last store champ I went 1-3 with dumblefork and 4-4 for the day.

Minor changes to the deck and I went 3-1 for regionals and 7-1 for swiss. I need to learn not to overthink these things sometimes and just go back at it.