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Running on Italics: Chrome City [Corp]

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/running-on-italics-chrome-city-corp/

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All around solid, although I think Ryon is more clear - he’s all about forcing the runner to be cautious. Get to hasty or desperate and he fries your brain.

Like all Bioroids, you can get past it if you take the time to figure out how it’s programmed. That’s why he has to be used last click - he knows that if he doesn’t give the runner time, he can nail them, without fail.

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This has been talked about on the reddit thread a little.

We’re mostly confused because he lacks the bioroid subtype. FFG are terrible with subtyping, but this seems like a pretty big one to miss, especially for mechanics and flavour interaction purposes.

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It could be that they don’t want to bother with having the “Bioroid” type on anything other than ICE; maybe they already had some future cards in mind, and it would have been troublesome if non-ICE had that subtype.

That ship’s already sailed; witness Ash and Alix.

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Look, I’m talking big picture here. Don’t muddy up the situation with meaningless details! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Maybe it’s a mechanics joke, like the fact that Forger isn’t unique.

And if he “really” is a bioroid, the subtyping discrepancy doesn’t (yet) affect anything. I’d be more worried about the fact that Lily Lockwell and Shannon Claire are bulletproof.

But the idea that he’s just a guy who can Batty an implied bioroid at a cornered runner is fine too.

If your interpretation of the nature of Agendas is correct here, doesn’t that justify the flavor of Turntable, from the previous article? The Runner could be swapping the plans of Domestic Sleepers with the plans of Gila Hands Arcology. After all, the plans are still valuable to the Corp, since the Corp can score a second Gila Hands Arcology. The actual, physical arcology is untouched.

Well, I mean, at some level that was always what was happening—the key question with Turntable is how swapping those plans leads to an existing base in Gila Hands suddenly unavailable to you (you can’t use its click ability any more) and how it leads to a suite of actual Domestic Sleepers positioned in key targets around the world (i.e., you can use its click ability).

But the last thread raised an interesting possible interpretation—that they’re being swapped with the records for another division of the corporation. Even when you’re playing as EtF, there’s an assumption that you’re not all of Haas, just the Security Division or something, and the Turntable just somehow finds a different division that completed that agenda, and uses that to fill in the hole in your own completed projects list. You still built the base in Gila Hands, but the details of it are just … lost in the system.

We’re not suuuper happy with that interpretation (at the least the card needed flavour text) but we’re happy to work with it for now.