Schaumburg, Illinois Regionals 1st Place Decklists

I am going to start posting up the winning decklists here in the forums for discussion as I post them to the main site.

Schaumburg, Illinois Regionals

Justin Leisner
Corp: HB(core)

3 Project Vitruvius
3 Accelerated Beta Test
2 Corporate War
1 Mandatory Upgrades
2 False Lead

3 Hedge Fund
1 Archived Memories

3 Adonis Campaign
3 Eve Campaign
1 Melange Mining Corp
2 Snare ** **

3 Ichi 1.0
3 Rototurret
3 Wall of Static
2 Janus 1.0
2 Heimdall 1.0
3 Eli 1.0
3 Vicktor 1.0
2 Neural Katana ** **
1 Chum *

1 Corporate Troubleshooter
2 SanSan City Grid * *

Runner: Chaos Theory

1 Sneakdoor Beta *
2 Magnum Opus
2 Gordian Blade
2 Snowball
2 Pipeline

1 Inside Job *
3 Sure Gamble
3 Diesel
3 Quality Time
3 Stimhack * * *

3 Hq Interface ** ** **
3 Replicator
2 Dinosaurus
3 Personal Touch
3 R&D Interface

1 Aesops Pawnshop
3 Personal Workshop

I love the Chaos Theory list. Played against a similar list online and had a really hard time. I’m probably gonna test it in the coming weeks.
Not sure i like the HB list though. When is janus going to be rezzed, it’s sooo expensive. I’m not a huge fan of eve campaign either. When she gets trashed after you rezzed her you lose 3 credits and it takes 3 turns for her to pay herself back. Melange on the other hand can set you up for fast advancing very fast.

I agree, Janus seems like a really strange choice.

That Chaos Theory deck looks incredibly surprising to me. HQ Interface and Replicator are not cards I would expect to see in a tournament winning list. Very cool.

Justin and I played at a previous regional and he plays very tight. He entered the top 4 with a record of 2-2-1, and defeated Andromeda/Weyland in round 1, and then faced off against The second place winner’s ChaosTheory and Weyland deck for the win.

Mike Ma was less of a cinderella story, he entered the top 4 in second place with a standard scorched earth deck and this, more interesting chaos theory deck:

3 battering ram
3 Femme
3 Gordian blade
3 Opus
3 Dino
2 plascrete
3 PW
2 Public sympathy
3 Test Run
3 Makers eye
3 Diesel
3 Stimhack
3 Inside Job

Battering Ram was a good choice, no one was picking up ice wall from out of faction, it was all eli. I noticed that a lot of the other players using HB were liking heimdall. So ram, not the best card but a good metagame choice. Nothing fancy, just money, breakers and all of the best tricks

I posted all of the standings and metagame statistics in this thread here:

Nice, I like seeing these interesting CT decks… HQI + Sneakdoor can absolutely wreck a corp if they’re playing slowly and don’t know you’re running Sneakdoor.