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Seattle Card Kingdom Tournament Report 8/25 Opening Moves Legal

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Funny stuff. Sometimes when Weyland works, it Just Works.

That’s how I wanted nationals to be, but nooooooooooo. My R&D pinheads (last seen floating without suits around the beanstalk) kept selling our Government Contracts to the first johnny-come-lately to come knocking :).

Riley: Never apologize for making explodey noises when employing Scorched Earth. I swear that’s probably a third of the reason to employ the card.

What a dick! However, a very good and effective dick.

Is it weird to talk about a good dick?

Figured I’d add some notes on game 4, since I was the one he was playing against. I scored 5 points as Exile, got lucky on your R&D back to back runs (you had 1-3 agenda points at the end), then wasn’t thinking when I let the plascrete take your meat… damage, you then promptly scorched earthed me next turn with a disappointing lack of explosion noises. For the NBN game you got out an early Sneakdoor Beta making me have to cover my backside (which I didn’t do well enough, it was just a ton of pop up windows) and the first two turns of runs you pulled out my one agenda in a hand of five only running HQ once each turn. Two runs, 1/5 chance each time, you pulled the agendas. You did that one more time a little later on and it all ended before I could tag you and scorched earth you. Couldn’t recover from those early game grabs, especially since midseasons was now useless and you had like 6 agenda points by round 5.

I love this report. :slight_smile:

I guess we could say that you made mistakes, but your opponents played badly, because they let themselves get scorched! lol.

“I guess we could say that you made mistakes”. . . Does not cover the shit show that was my corp play.

Ryan, I actually think the double pop-up on the backdoor was maybe the best counter to sneakdoor all day. You’re not going to keep Gabe out of HQ, it’s best to just assume he’s going to get in, Making money on him hitting the backdoor is almost your best option, as you want real ice to protect your real servers. Also, the second you sink too many resources into protecting archives, he’s going to just run straight up the gut on HQ again.

Thanks for hosting the article guys.


Excellent report! Almost spit out my breakfast while reading it! Need more!! :smiley: