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Seattle Regionals Report

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Congrats on the win Veen. I am generally unhappy with my play in our top 4 match and I just couldn’t draw a datasucker to save my life heh. I made a few mistakes due to exhaustion and you certainly capitalized on them. You deserved the win.

Thanks for the summary, Andrew.

HB was absolutely the dominant corp identity in the meta currently, with over 50% of the overall field and the top 8 playing the HB core identity. So, it’s no surprise that E3 was so clutch.

It was absolutely correct that you demanded a re-seeding for the bye after one late player showed up. In a tournament with an elimination final bracket, match points is the second tie-breaker, and will rarely come into play. As a result, the disadvantage from getting a bye (0 match points) isn’t a big deal, and the advantage of the bye (6 prestige and only 3 more rounds of Swiss) is obvious. Don’t know if you noticed, but I thought for a couple of seconds after you asked for that, and then quietly and grumpily went back to print out new match-ups.

As it turned out, it was fortunate for me that you demanded this, because I had actually messed up in the initial data entry, and had two players with the same id number, and as a result thought that I had 44 players when I really had 45. The new player actually now made it so that there wasn’t a bye, instead of causing a bye.

There were lots of good players in the tournament, and lots of them didn’t make the top 8; it’s a really strong field. I think the fact that we only had one undefeated player after just 3 rounds indicates the depth of the competition that people brought to the regionals.

That said, the two players I saw with the most potential for the future were Conrad, and Don Unger. Conrad placed in the quarterfinals of the consolation bracket, and had some real gutsy play before getting knocked out in that round. Meanwhile, Don placed in the top 8 without any direct experience with the metagame, only having played against one other person before the event. This is the kind of game where the skill of your opponents somewhat limits how much your own skill can develop, so I thought this was pretty remarkable.

I’m going to talk with Anthony and Anthony about some stim-hack columns on tournament organizing for Netrunner, so I’ll save the rest of my thoughts for those…

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Thanks for the write up, I’d be interested in hearing about what you used to score everything Prune. I use Challonge.com - and it does the seeding almost perfectly; however its not really possible to add someone to the tournament once the first round is seated.

Additionally, the scoring is not as fast as it could be because I’m entering match points for each game seperately.

I built a spreadsheet with macros for pairings, conditional formatting to warn me of illegal pairings, and formulae to compute all the tiebreakers.

I messed around with Challonge a while back and found that you really had to stand on your head to get it to accomodate the prestige scoring system, and that even so there were some edge cases with time-outs that it didn’t handle well.

Even if they’ve adapted it, I’d still be pretty nervous about relying on a system that requires an internet connection.

That sounds cool, care to share? Challonge works for our league games, participants can enter their own scores if they want to, and get notifications when I put up pairs for the next round if they want to go out for food between rounds.

I will be cleaning up my spreadsheet this weekend, and will likely put it up on bgg afterwords.

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im very sad i could not make this event…stupid work… i was going to try to go rogue with noise/jinteki or weyland. i had a feeling the field would be all HB/criminal from what id seen on OCTGN and in league play.

i know a lot of really good players who couldnt make this event so im thinking if everyone showed up it would have been ridiculously hard to top 8.

im bummed neither anthony took it home. i lurk the stream a fair amount and if someone would have offered me a bet of both anthony’s vs the field i would have taken it.

Yeah I was bummed about that too. :wink:

Silly tiebreakers. Still Veen is a great player and a cool guy, and was easily our biggest threat as far as we were concerned going into the tournament. I think looking over the results his only game and match losses all day came from us.

Prunesquallor - Thank you for the vote of confidence. I hope that I can repeat my luck at the next tournament.

That being said, when is the next tournament going to be?

I found it interesting that I had pretty good luck at the tournament but when I played with my brother in law this week we went 50/50 again. I think this comes from only playing against each other. We call each others bluffs pretty consistently.

Anyways, the tournament was great and I would like to play in the next one.


Don U

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Next tourney is going to be late July, probably 27th or 28th, waiting to hear back from a couple game stores. Hoping that the deluxe expansion is out by then…

Awesome. Thanks for the update.


Wait, WTF. NEXT TOURNEY!!! Oh happy day.