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Second Thoughts Full Spoiler (German Text)


English translation of the new cards:

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Not that the illicit NBN ice is great, but I don’t like that tag-ignoring runners only have to break one subroutine. Anything that makes Account Siphon even marginally more advantageous makes me sad.

Yeah that ice has too many weaknesses. Weak to an all-in tag strategy (break for 1 with mimic, dont care about traces). Weak to link. A couple link and the bad pub and its trivial to get through.

Cannot say I like the NBN ice either. Hellion is very disappointing, and the cost of 6 on Off the Grid makes it really weak.

We were missing the NBN cards and man, now that I’ve seen them… what a huge disappointment.
The illicit ICE is probably the worst of the bunch, and the Operation… it’s one of those cards that you could actually use, if only you weren’t alread limited by the complex deckbuilding of the Corps. When you have to add a certain amount of Agenda points, a lot of economy cards, plenty of ICE… not much space left for less than optimal cards.

Shipment from SanSan might be useful in an iceless NBN deck, but it’s not exactly a very successful type of deck, is it?

Looking at the opposite side, well, Freeloader is kinda huge.

Think at Escher + Freeloader. You rearrange ICE so that there’s at least 2 copies of the same piece where you want them, for example in front of Archives and at the bottom of that huge vertical server the Corp built just to make it impossibly expensive for you to pass. BAM, you’re in by just passing one single ICE in another server.

Edit: on Second Thought, that Shipment from SanSan is actually very good, at least / especially in an extreme fast advance. If you have SanSan installed too, you could pay 0 credits for a 3/2 Agenda, and with Engineering the Future and Biotoic Labor, for example, you’d just have to pay for the BL, so it’s very good in HB FA too.

I think Shipment from SanSan is extremely good. As a standalone card its a reasonable economy card, for 0 influence in NBN. Its actually very similar to getting beanstalk for no influence. (But you cant spend the money on ice, only on advancing, but thats fine because nbn does lots of advancing).

As a combo card with Efficiency Committee its crazy good. I think it will both help NBN, and also lead to a resurgence in HB FA.

at the very least, since scandal reporter gives 3 tags at a time, it makes psychobeale for more than 2 points a little faster vs. a runner going all in vs data raven, and unlike data raven they have to have a breaker to get past.

The problem is that its almost never going to give 3 tags at a time. They’re going to nullify the weak traces with link, and then youre gonna power the trace 3 up and hope to make it work, resulting in tag and then end the run.

The thing is…thats basically a Draco. Its a bit better than a Draco, but its pretty much a big Draco. But Draco is more versatile (able to be cheap). and doesnt give bad pub.

Also, with Draco and a lot of money you can brute force a stop. WIth this one, if they have a Mimic, you cant.

Also, if they are already all-in on tags, this costs $1 to break with mimic. So its not good in that scenario either.

i guess i’m looking at the initial rez scenario where not only will they be paying to avoid more than one tag, they’ll also remove their tag if they’re worried about losing resources, so if they’re paying money to avoid tags AND removing one, thats at least 2 credits, any extra they spent on the trace, and they are stopped.

That’s realllyllllylllyly best case scenario, and since the best runner in the game is one link, it is a little prohibitive. maybe something is coming down the line that makes these trace 123 cards a little better? or maybe this is this cycle’s advance only when rezzed.

(i’m only on step one guys i haven’t even gotten mad about it yet)