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Seidr Laboratories - Interweaving Archives and HQ

I’ve only played as Seidr a few times in a TD event, but I found this behavior to be really helpful in the early game-- Heimdall 1.0, Viktor 1.0, and Eli 2.0 actually ended the run a lot more frequently than I am used to.

R&D is also very easy to defend in the early game, since clicking through a Viktor 1.0 lets you jam an operation on top. Good runners don’t even bother with it until they’re reasonably rigged up.

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I’ve only played one game with Seidr. In that game, I played with a fairly standard spread of mid-range bioroids plus a couple of other good ice (Architect, Seider Adaptive Barrier, Enigma). I did not slot in tech cards to create click loss or trigger Seidr’s ability.

And yet, just the existence of the ID made the bioroids much more effective. Afterwards, I asked my opponent if the ID slowed him down and he said he absolutely would have clicked through an Eli on my HQ several turns if I were not running Seidr.

I wonder if the real value of the ID is that it boosts bioroids, which tend to be pretty cost-effective ice when you are do not click through them. Maybe throwing in sub-optimal cards that make the runner spend clicks is not really the best approach with this ID.


So I’m no deckbuilder but wanted to give this ID a go. Ported the moon thing over here and in testing, this deck just biotics out every game. Definitely better out of EtF but it gains that fear of trashing because of Ronald in the same way as people are afraid of clicking through the ice. Not a great deck but a direction to consider.

Seidr Laboratories Destiny Defined

Agenda Agenda (9)
3x Global Food Initiative ●●●
3x NAPD Contract
3x Project Vitruvius

Asset Asset (26)
3x Advanced Assembly Lines
2x Clone Suffrage Movement
2x Daily Business Show ●●
3x Estelle Moon
2x Jackson Howard ●●
2x Jeeves Model Bioroids
3x Marilyn Campaign
2x Mumba Temple ○○○○
3x Ronald Five
3x Team Sponsorship

Upgrade (1)
1x Cyberdex Virus Suite

Operation Operation (5)
1x Biotic Labor
2x Enhanced Login Protocol
2x Friends in High Places

Barrier (3)
3x Eli 1.0

Code Gate (3)
3x Fairchild 3.0

Sentry (3)
3x Architect

Looks similar to a deck Timmy Wong took to Regionals.

This seems like a somewhat relevant place to plug my flavour review of Seidr, complete with pronunciation guide since everyone seems to say it differently! https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2017/06/07/netrunner-flavour-notes-seidr/


Great article, and thanks for clearing up the enunciation matter. I had been saying “Say-Deer” for no good reason other than I like how it sounds.

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Thanks! So you were pretty much spot on in how you were saying it without even knowing it? :slight_smile:

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Playing Seidr since TD and I really like it. All my builds are based on Ben Nis introduction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce6E5rd29dA Played it on the Den Haag Regional and it lost me only 1 game in Swiss against PPVP Kate + Clot. And again the same in the Cut :frowning:
Took Seidr to Euros very similar deck and must say… no chance, lost all of my 5 games although I knew the deck better. I was a bit unlucky with my matchups which where more dedicated to Glacier… have hoped more for Anarchs. I had the feeling I was always short on ICE and trying to find this out in general…

What I like from the ID everyone is trying to prevent the ID from firing. So the runners are breaking the ICE regardless if they could click through it, because otherwise you rez an Ichi and get a Hedge Fund back. Which means for them in the future they have to break the Ichi and you payed almost nothing for it…

On the down side when they want to prevent you from drawing your next Agenda they might let your ID fire, you get more econ cards back, but no chance to score… on the other hand, when it’s a Biotic you really don’t mind that :wink:
I never, never, never get the Vikram on a nice place, it’s 99% on Archives or the innermost piece of ICE…

The Deck I took to Den Haag:

The Deck I took to Euros:

Has anyone tried to play it competitive on a big tournament?

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