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Self-Modifying Code - Ep 04 - The Legend of Siphon Valencia

So with Philly regionals fast approaching I am looking to work on my decks and my match ups.

Follow me as I log my games in competitive Jinteki…

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That game was not the best of mine, hopefully I encounter you on jinteki again so I can prove my worth.

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lol… God you had a ridiculous draw that game. xD Game ended on turn 1, when you Injected into the Employee Strike. (I can recover from Siphon, but not without Assets.)

Didn’t help that I was only finding my Enigmas and you had Yog already. (The R&D ice was Enigma) I have Lotus Field in the deck, but not only did I not draw them, I didn’t have money for them. :slight_smile:

And I knew you wouldn’t let me keep things, it was about burning your clicks and money. That’s why I trashed Scrubber, to make you actually pay 2 credits more each thing you trashed. Because the R&D ice was Enigma, I needed you to not run there, so running my assets instead was preferable.

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