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[shameless plug] I made a game tracker app for android

Hey guys and gals!

I was looking around for a minimalistic Netrunner game tracker / turn clicker thingy on Google Play but couldn’t find one that I really clicked with (oh yes he did). Since I always wanted to learn how to make apps for android, I got to work on one. This is it, after some beta testing with friends.
I actually ended up charging a small amount for it. I’m not in it for the INTERNET MILLIONS though, it’s just that putting it up for free would feel like… throwing it down a cliff for some reason. I like the idea of making something that is good enough that people would actually pay real money for it, however small the amount.
Anyways, sorry for the rant, please try the app! I have plans for adding statistics and more improvements and I would love your feedback:

TL;DR: I love Netrunner and I made an app for android. It’s not free but it’s super cheap. Play more games!

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