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Sheffield Regionals 2015 - Reportage

Last big tournament before the UK Nationals next week. What’s with all the Jinteki, and I’m not talking RP?


nice write-up, do you have links to the decklists you played?

I finished a respectable 12th, with positions 6-12 all being on the same points.


@BJester I’ll be posting something after Nationals next weekend. I’ve got secret deck tech! :wink:

@clercqie It was similar in Manchester too, 6-10 people (can’t exactly remember) all on enough prestige for top 8, but only 3 or so got in. Its getting competitive out there!

We had a similar 8 way spit at 10-4 at Manchester for 3rd-10th.

Interestingly, at Oxford 16 prestige was only enough for 9th, to my great disappointment given my large SOS…