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Shock! in Archives

Quick question - it appears that this card still deals Net Damage even while in Archives. Is that the cases? Is there any way for the Runner to get it out of Archives?

It does indeed do that. I’m pretty sure there are some Runner cards that let them put cards back into the deck, but that’d be about it.

One of the many, many reasons Security Testing has become such a popular card is Shock!'s remaining active in Archives.

There is currently just one - Record Reconstructor.


God how I have always wanted to play Record Reconstructor. No sarcasm

Really? Why? Just for shocks? Or do you just like the vibe of the card?

I think there’s a corp ID coming out (In Order & Chaos, maybe?) that has something to do with the number of cards in archives. Which might give someone a reason to actually use Record Reconstructor (maybe…ok, probably not).

There should be something like Tormod’s Crypt in M:tG where you can remove the contents of the Archives from the game. That’d be a pretty neat (though maybe OP?) runner card. It may also make the game unwinnable for either the Corp or the Runner depending on how much agenda is in the Archives.

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Not for Shocks; I just like the idea of nullifying the Corp’s free draw by feeding them something that isn’t useful. I haven’t taken the time to really try to hammer out a decklist with RR. I like trying to make “bad” cards work, even if the deck itself won’t win every game. I think there is potential in RR, somewhere. Maybe Hemorrhage would provide the best pair for it, but the problem then becomes the click intensity.

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The game isn’t unwinnable for the runner if there aren’t enough agendas left in the game to score out. At that point the Runner just needs to wait the game out, not doing any runs, for the corp to deck himself.

The Corp can only win there by flatline in specific no-run situations like Ronin or Posted Bounty + Scorched Earth.

For a Stalemate, the only ways that could work is if the Corp has Hades Shard scored (while the Runner is not Noise), or has some awful combination of Rework + Archived Memories + Reclamation Order and just clicks for credits in between.

@Snake3yes - True. That doesn’t feel like compelling / fun gameplay to me though. And maybe that’s why that game hasn’t been made yet. I could see a modded Tormod where it removes all cards except for agenda. That might be interesting, while not significantly gamebreaking.