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Signup: fine dining outing during Worlds week

Lol was going to, I was more thinking if I need to bring my suit or something

OK, I got official info from Travail. For groups >8 they do a flat rate:

Large Group Reservation at Travail
You will be seated in our dining room with other restaurant patrons, seated at your own tables. … The prices shown below will be the same despite number of guests for the range of guests shown. For example, if the range says “9-12 People”, your cost will be the same whether there are 9, 10, 11, or 12 guests dining.

9-12 People at one long table

  • Thurs $1080 (8:00)

Tax & Gratuity not included.
Drinks are not included.
All guests will get Travail dinner (14-20 courses).

Beverage Pairing Tickets (optional):
Additional $75 (7-10 drinks) per person

Incidentally, not every drink will be alcoholic.

Right now, I believe we have:

@omni food + drinks
@Venali food (maybe? “might just be down for this” isn’t definitive!)
@leburgan food
@cranked food + drink
@StephenE food + drink
@MikeJS food (+ maybe drink?)
@spags food + drink
@dashakan food + drink

And then ajar + LJ, both food + drink.

I’m going to go ahead and reserve, and if we can get more people before I have to pay up, it’ll dilute the per-person cost a little bit.

So the open questions are:

  • @MikeJS, do you want drinks?
  • @Venali, are you coming?
  • Are 1-2 other people interested?

If we can’t find 2 other Netrunners, I’m pretty confident I can rustle up 2 more from among my friends.


This sounds excellent, lets def shoot for 12, no reason not to make it $90/pp. So hype. Thanks for putting this together.


I can DD 4, more if someone has a larger vehicle for me to drive

Yes, the fact that we’re going on Thursday seals the deal on this for me. Ajar, thanks so much for organising this.

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8P sounds doable.

I know @yoshi was complaining about all the Japanese options listed for Worlds restaurants. Maybe he’d like to join us for this?

yo I’m in

meme. Rsv seat ty

Cool. That’s 12. You guys want drinks, too?

I’m a super lightweight but if not all of em are alcoholic that should be fine.

They aren’t all alcoholic and are also usually not that large. We’ll definitely be feeling it by the end, but not super drunk. And we have Friday to recover. :slight_smile:

I really want to do this, but it looks like y’all are at 12. Is that max? If so, I can go on waitlist if someone drops.

As much as she loves Travail, my wife did say she’d only attend if I couldn’t fill the group with Netrunners. So if you want in, the 12th seat is yours. (We agreed to this plan pretty early on & she reconfirmed it yesterday.)

I’m returning their form today, so we’re committed to a cap of 12.

Edit: Do you want to do drinks? I’m guessing yes. :smiley: I’m also assuming simpleton will be drinking.

I am in. Are you setting up a paypal for prepay? Also, yes, very much drinks.

Yeah, I’ve got PayPal set up already. They won’t actually be charging me until the week before, though, so I figured I’d give people until Oct 25th to pay me.

I’ll put up the PayPal link after I sent the authorization back and they confirm they’ve got it.

Since you’re pretty locked now, do I need to add this to the Worlds thread? Would that be useful at all?

No need, I think this thread is fine on its own. If Venali doesn’t end up coming, I’ll bring my wife with that spot so she and @dashakan can talk foodie stuff. :slight_smile:

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If a poor church boy like me can afford thousands setting up KOS ahead of time, ajar can handle this. XD

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Screw it, I’ll confirm. Is my spot still open? I blanked on this for a little bit and just saw it again.

Your spot is still open. :slight_smile: