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Siphonless Reina

So Seald Vault is out, Crisium Grid will be out soonish, Siphon is still very strong but can’t be relied on to power a deck’s econ anymore. That’s fine for Shaper and Criminal and Noise got enough new toys to still be really strong but I want to know what people are doing for Reina, and Whizzard I guess tangentially, to still have enough money for things.

I’m currently messing around with a Rook/Xanadu/Emergency Shutdown Reina deck, early results are promising but I had to cram 3 Diesels and 3 of almost every netural economy just to get it to not be poor all the time and be able to compete with glaciers, there has Got to be a better way.

emergency shutdown is much worse than crescentus in anarch, you don’t have spare clicks or any of the tricks into hq. but you do have knight (which works great for breaking things once). save yourself 3 influence and switch them

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The problem with Crescentus + Knight to me is that once you’ve put a Knight on a piece of ice, people are already decently likely to trash it. Of course, this is somewhat mitigated with ice which is expensive to Knight, but I think Emergency Shutdown in Reina is more than decent, in part because you often get free early runs on HQ because people don’t want to rez something only to have you drop Parasite into Siphon on them.

those same people are just as likely to double ice hq, and then the shutdown is dead in your hand. without the other criminal tricks, crescentus is the better card (also blows out viktor 2)