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Site ReDesign

Currently in the process of redesigning the StimHack’s layout and theme.

Everything should be significantly more mobile/tablet friendly, whereas before it was not at all.


Feel free to add any input, things to improve, ideas, etc.


Rather than just a black background, maybe incorporate different colors from the cards. I would also see about getting a collage of all the faction symbols/corp logos into the site. Also maybe I’m missing this but a way to get from the forum back to the main site would be very helpful

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Thanks for the input! The more feedback the better.

There is a link to the forums in the main menu bar on the top of the screen, but maybe it is too hidden.

Added a playgroup finder that lets anyone add events, meetups, or tournaments onto the main site.

Go check it out and tell us what you think: http://stimhack.com/playgroup-finder/

The Playgroup Finder is a welcome feature. Seems, however, that you’re required to have a separate login for that (Wordpress) than you are for this Forum. Is it really necessary to have two different logins for one site (Stimhack.com)?

Maybe it is. I’m just asking…

I’m still not seeing the link FROM the forum TO stimhack.com. However I have been know to miss things? Any chance you could screenshot it?

Looking at it now I think it just requires a google account (gmail, g+, etc). I certainly don’t want multiple logins if possible. Will look into alternatives if having a google account is too tedious.

Oh, I totally misinterpreted that. Yes you are correct there is not currently a top level link from the forum to stimhack.com, and that is something I will add.

I like the redesign, it looks really clean. One thing I noticed on the mobile version is that your logo justifies to the top of the banner and it looks a little odd with all the negative space underneath. It’s justified on the bottom of the banner on the PC version and that looks a lot better.

Great job on the redesign, can’t wait to see the rest of it!


Good catch, will take a look at that this weekend.