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SMC ANRPRO Finals Weekend - ATL 9/12-9/13-Spread the Word! More Prizes!

You can see more details at the Facebook event page here: SMC Finals Weekend

Please Pre-Register! You can lock in your spot by PayPaling Giga Bites by sending payment to gigabitescafe@yahoo.com with title SMC Finals. Include your full name and we’ll be keeping an updated list up on the event page.

If you qualified in one of the SMC Qualifiers your entry is covered and your name will be added to the registered list when it gets posted.

If you plan on staying in the area check out the following info:
Crestwood Suites of Marietta-Roswell Road
Address: 2030 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA 30062
Phone:(678) 560-6667

Giga Bites serves food (quite good food) and is also close to many restaurants.

Please send any questions here or email to smctournamentcontact@gmail.com

Current list of Pre-Registered/Qualified players:
1.Sean Pacer - Qualified
2.Aaron Konnick - Qualified
3.Ahmed Abbasi - Qualified
4.Hollis Eacho - Qualified
5.Michael Norman - Qualified
6.Cory Hockman - Qualified
7.Jesse Nicholson - Qualified
8.JJ Novacek - Qualified
9.Miles Crosskey - Qualified
10.Kevin Hamilton - Qualified
11.Austin Sutherland - Qualified
12.Ross Freitag - Qualified
13.Richard Baxter - Qualified
14.Matt Sanders - Qualified
15.Hap Fiandt - Qualified
16.Corey Waugh - Qualified
17. Ricky Rivera - Qualified
18.Luke Golden - Qualified
19.Tristen Ray - Qualfied
20.Mark Czirr-Qualifed
21.Blake Golin-Qualifed


Spread the word guys . . . . lets make this HUGE!

Damn, I’m super pumped for this. SMC Qualifier and Finals, Drafts, Challenge decks, trivia, and costume contest…this is going to be a huge Netrunner extravaganza.

PeachHack will be there to stream it, too! I hope we can figure out a way to stream a draft, too…


For clarity, if you haven’t qualified to play in the finals there is a last chance qualifier on Saturday where top 3 get spots.

Even if you don’t qualify lots of events running both days to keep you busy :wink:

Massive update incoming soon. Get ready . . . . . .

SMC Finals Event Details:

SMC Last Chance Qualifier: Come out and battle for the last 3 spots to play in the SMC Finals. Event will be a number of Swiss rounds with the top 3 finishers earning spots in the finale. If we went up not having one of the previous qualifiers show up for the Finals we elect the right to allow the fourth place finisher in this event a spot in the finals to not have a bye in the finals. Event will run 3 rounds with a lunch break before finishing up the rest of the event.

Netrunner Draft Pods: We will be running a number of Netrunner Draft pods based on the number of draft cubes we are able to gather before the event. Each draft cube will consist of 8 players who will draft and then play through 3 rounds of swiss. There will be prizes for the winner of each cube throughout the weekend.

Challenge Decks: We’ll be having select players running Netrunner challenge decks. These will be decks not playing to the same rules as yourself. Can you beat a deck that is allowed to play with out of faction agendas? More influence than normal? No influence restrictions at all? Madness I tell you! We’ll have different challenge levels with scaling prizes going to the first person to defeat the decks within the time window provided on Saturday. Places in line to battle the decks will be determined by a sign up sheet placed at the registration area. Once a deck is defeated the prize is claimed and that deck is no longer on the list.

Netrunner Team Trivia: Like bar trivia, but have no clue who won the Heisman in 1972? What about that one guy who was in that movie with that chick? Still nothing? Well how about the trash cost on Jackson Howard or the flavor text on Rototurret? That’s more like it! Come be part of our Netrunner Team Trivia event to close out the first night of the SMC weekend. Grab 2 of your friends (or make 2 while you’re there) and compete in a test of Netrunner knowledge for some awesome prizes!

Netrunner Costume Contest: Come dressed up as your favorite Netrunner character. This can be your favorite runner, corporate personality, or maybe even piece of ICE. The options are wide open just make it Netrunner themed. We’ll be doing judging based on a poll posted online during our twitch stream. Prizes will go to the overall winner and runner-up.

Netrunner Fantasy Draft: This is the ONLY “event” with a added cost. For $5 you can purchase a Netrunner Fantasy draft form and make up to 5 selections. A selection will be a player in the Finals along with either their Corporation or Runner side. You can use two of your choices to pick both sides of a player. You’ll earn a point for each win your selection attains. The overall winner will earn 50% of the money collected for the entrees. The other 50% will go to the player in the Finals who places 2nd. If there is a tie in the points the person with the overall highest placing player will win. If there is still a tie we’ll randomly generate a winner from among those with the same points and chosen winners.

SMC Finals: This is what you’ve been fighting for. The SMC Finals! Players will be playing in a number of swiss rounds then to a top 4 elimination bracket. The overall winner will take home the title of SMC Champion for 2015 plus win a prize voucher in the amount of $500 donated by Giga Bites Cafe!


Over the next couple weeks I’ll be adding prize support images as we build up to the finals. Plus I’ll be updating the Qualified/Pre-Registered list. One week before the event I’ll allow early sign-ups for the Drafts on Friday for the Qualified players. We are trying to get more cubes so we can run plenty all throughout the weekend.

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No joke! The South’s setting the bar pretty high, here.

EDIT: We can do better than Mountain Dew up here, though.


That’s so cool. Any chance we could get a write up of the crafting process?


Lol, just for a size comparison.

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Walt at Impudent Mortal (one of our sponsors) crafted this badass trophy.



I was thinking about something like this, or a championship belt, or the sort. Instead, it’s mainly going to be plain ol’ green paper as the prize.


that trophy :cry:

can you participate in multiple ANRPC regions? :wink:

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If you are willing to travel I don’t see why not :wink:

Coming in fast. Lots of prizes being delivered next week. Lots of incoming images.

Oh dear . . . more awesome images coming in . . .


*makes grabby hands at Pup plushes*

aaahhhhhhhhhh they’re all great tho


More prizes revealed!