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So Pretty - Femme Promo for Summer Kit

Jaw Drops

Best Promo Yet? Gives melange a run for its money


That’s some killer art.



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Why … isn’t … that… Regionals… Nationals… (can’t speak)…


So much for taking store champs easy this summer.

One downside of FFG being located here is that regular GNK tournaments are actually pretty rare. I think I had one crack at a Gordian, and that was at an FFG 3-rounder. Mead Hall league prize support mostly comes in the form of Core Set singletons – I won a Desperado last time, for instance, which is a pretty cool thing for them to do, but I can’t put a fourth Desperado in my deck. (I gave it to another player who didn’t have 3.)

But I think I want this one. I’ll have to see what I can do.


I know Femme is the star of the show here, and that is a truly amazing alt-art, but personally speaking that Toshiro Mifune Swordsman alt-art is fucking epic.


It probably is good, but its too small to appreciate, atm. :frowning:

Only 2 copies… will this surpass Eli’s price?

Probably not because Eli was worlds so the cap was the number of players x2 (and very few of those players are selling their promos). Whereas stores might buy multiple kits (our store buys like 5 of them) and its 2 per kit. The number of kits sold usually far outpaces the number of people who go to worlds. I think it’ll probably be like data sucker. In the 30-40 range and approach 50-60 someday if it gets rare enough.

It will probably be cheaper than sucker, as barely anoyone plays more than one Femme.

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Completionists will want the play set though; and most of the completionists I know aren’t even competitive players.

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I often have two copies. And the silly London Library deck wants the full clique of deadly ladies.

I’m not saying there won’t be people that want more than one, I’m just saying many people, myself included, will only want one.

I think you mean, you’ll want two, so you can build the cube and promo it out.

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The number of kits have been rising exponentially ever since the kits started. I’m sure there will be 10 Femmes for each Datasucker. I think FFG actually had numbers in a slide from Worlds or GenCon last year. They said at GAMA that they had sold 25k kits in total, at least.

Do many of you guys really only have 1 shot at a GNK prize? I get my FLGS to order 3 kits, so we have for 3 monthly tournaments - so everybody a playset of door prizes. Usually I play in a few other stores and it’s no problem for me to have a playset of the 2-of by the end of the season. That’s how I keep my collection up-to-date.

I, for one, welcome our new waifu overlords. Lily, Victoria, and now this.

That Femme art is pretty great. Time to see if I can step up my game enough to actually get one without having to buy it.


Fantastic art. The art just keeps on improving for ANR. Really fantastic.

I feel someone at FFG has een watching too much Frozen. I love the art, it doesn’t feel Femme to me, though.

But guess I am in the minority with that opinion :slight_smile: Nonetheless, I want one!