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So Pretty - Femme Promo for Summer Kit

Hmm i cant say im a huge fan of the FEM art, i mean its good but its not netrunner ish imo

Now I know this thread is about the FF art, however I’ve seen the swordsman art first hand and it is amazing!

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Really? I didn’t get that from it. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough.

(looks again)


“Hey, Damon?”
“Yeah, Lukas?”
“Summer’s coming, right?”
“So there’ll be a lot of 8-15 year-old girls with nothing to do, right?”
"…I think I have an idea."


We’ve got 3 stores that order GNK’s regularly, and I’m pretty sure that the distributor limits them to 1 kit per season. I could be wrong on that though, maybe they’ve all just never tried to order more. So that means we get about 3 kits, which is only 6 of the ‘top prize’ to go between about 16 local players.

As an aside, during the winter our stores got shafted. Only 1 store actually got a kit, the others were lost in the distributors warehouse. Two other players and I paid out of pocket for some GNK’s on eBay so that everyone could get alt art plascretes. I’ve still got the one I bought ready to break out when we get some new blood (we added something like 5 new players in the past month, lost 3 people from university year ending though).

Didn’t one kind of kit have much lower numbers pushed into distribution overall, because a ship full of them sank? I seem to recall a story along those lines, either about the Kate kit or the Sucker kit… think it was Kate though, now that I think about it.

Oh, that situation sucks. I don’t think our local publisher puts any limit on the number of kits we can order. I myself have 5-7 old kits standing around, mostly 2013 Season 3 Kits with Datasuckers, waiting to be used.

Not anything that I’ve heard of. In any case it is hard to guesstimate how many of these promos exist, especially since Kate was reprinted and/or rereleased at one of the PAX events last year.

Has any stores gotten the Summer GNK in yet? Our store placed an order for it when the announcement was made, but hasn’t gotten it yet.

London Library Chaos Theory here we come!

(side note: fuck you Stimhack software for stifling my all-caps expression)

Normally I’d say its the ports; but these are in-house printers, so if there’s a problem its at FFG central. But, FFG doesn’t always ship things for seasons at times that make sense.

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The promo has already been released at the FFG Game Center a while ago, so I presume it’s just a tad late elsewhere. Then again, it wasn’t supposed to start until July, so it’s not really late yet.

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Thanks, that’s very helpful. Sounds more likely related to distributors, then FFG. I’m in Michigan, so not too far from HQ.