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Southern Megacity Circuit

Netrunner Southern Megacity Circuit:

The intention of the series is to test the competitive mettle of a regional community. Throughout the series we’ll be qualifying the best players in the region to come together and battle for sponsorship at Worlds. 

There will be a select number of pre-qualifying events set up around the region. Players will battle in these qualifying events to earn one of the invites to the finals held in September at Giga Bites Cafe in Marietta, GA. After the dust settles the last person standing will earn entry into Worlds and a travel voucher to use towards the travel expenses to the event. 

How does all this work you ask? Here we go.

There will be a number of qualifying events held along the southeast. Each event gather players from their meta and surrounding areas to battle for one of 3 qualifying spots. Each event will run no less than 5 rounds of swiss with the top 3 players earning invites to the finals. The invite guarantees them a place in the final tournament as well as entry into the weekend’s events at Giga Bites. The 4th place finisher will become an alternate in case one of the qualifying players doesn’t make the event.

What if I’m already qualified and want to play in more events? No problem. You can do that, but once final standings are formulated you will be skipped over when determining the top 3.

What if I’m an alternate from a previous event and then qualify at the next? Congrats! Now the previous event no longer has an alternate position. Sorry person in 5th place.

Other Qualifying event rules:

These events are considered to count as Competitive events as per the Netrunner Tournament guidelines.

Proxies are per organizer’s decision, but please make your stance on these clear before the event date.

Alternate art cards are also per organizer’s decision if they are not FFG alternate art variants.

Follow the tournament rules packet running 5 rounds of swiss without a cut to elimination rounds. If the event exceeds 33 players you will run 6 rounds of swiss without a cut.

Finals event rules:

The Finals tournament is considered a Premier event.

Proxies are NOT allowed under any circumstance.

Alt art cards will be allowed assuming they are okayed before the event begins with the TO.

Finals will be 5 rounds of swiss with a cut to Top 4 for elimination rounds.

Event Organizer Details:

If you are the host of a feeder tournament you are expected to follow the previous guidelines when running the event.

In order to build the prize pool for the Finals we are asking each qualifying event and store to donate the first $75 earned from entry. This will either be paid to one of the members on the Organizer’s Board, or sent to the event Paypal account. Knowledge of the balance of this pool is open to all board members for transparency. A portion of the final pot will be used for prizes during the Final’s weekend with money earned from that event and remaining balance going to the Travel Voucher for the overall winner. Any entry fee earned past the first $75 can to used by the store/organizer’s for just profit from the event or prizes. We suggest store credit for the players, but this should be based on the size of community.

Once the event is over results will be sent in to one of the main organizers to post. Please ensure accuracy when running the event, and please gather full player information on the qualifying spots.


FCB - Sandy Springs, GA - Confirmed Date of April 11th (The Kickoff!)
Titan Games - Duluth, GA
Raven’s Nest - Marietta, GA
Store yet to be determined - AL - Date pending in August
Dogs Of War Gaming - FL
Atomic Empire - Durham, NC - June 13th
Game On (Pending) - TN
Last Chance Qualifier - Giga Bites Cafe - Marietta, GA

Organizer’s Board:

Cory Hockman
Randall Barnes
Jesus Ramos
Derrick Sheets

Organizer’s can play in the feeder events. During the finals any organizer that attends that hasn’t qualified will help to run the event. If all Organizer’s have qualified for the Finals a player will have to drop from the event, and allow the alternate from their location to attend the Finals in order to provide a Judge. The suggested order of players taking the bow out will start from the top of the Organizer’s list and work it’s way down.


Giving this a go folks. Final dates and such on events will be locked in soon. Should be interested to see how something like this pans out.

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Wow. Nice. I love it.


This is awesome, would love to do something similar here in Europe… shame that the playerbase is smaller and the travel expenses to Worlds much higher.

Really great idea! Hope we see initiatives/events like this in other regions.

Thanks guys!

Link to first event is here: Qualifier 1 at FCB Games

I don’t know what I’ve done in my life to deserve this awesome community, but I’m glad I have access to it.


Really stoked for this!

Any chance we could get a qualifier in Memphis, TN? We have a fairly large, vibrant community here and we’d love to be a part of this.

Hit me up via a message. I’d love to work something out.

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Epic. We should organize something similar in the Upper Midwest.


Totally. I’m down. I know I can get at least 3 or 4 WI stores on board for this, if need be. Some could go FFG center. I know some CHI people, too.


I suspect we could get a couple venues down the I-94 Corridor in Michigan

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Amazing guys. I was hoping this would spawn other ideas in other regions. We can then just consider Worlds where we send our respective champions to do battle :wink:


Right. This is what I wanted to build to. I believe some other players around the country have similar ideas.

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Just wanted to announce that PeachHack is planning on streaming the SMC kickoff event on April 11th at FCB!


Does Louisiana count as part of the “Southern Megacity” for qualifier purposes? There’s a moderately large contingent of players in the New Orleans-Baton Rouge area that may be interested in hosting an event.

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Absolutely. If you think you can get a group willing to travel to the good ole ATL for the finals we can definitely talk about hosting a qualifier. Shoot me a message on here, and we can work something up.

*High Five

A group of 4 traveled to Atlanta from NOLA last Regional season (other group of 4 went to San Antonio Regional the same day), so some convincing can be done. When are ya’ll solidifying your qualifier decisions?

We’ll take potential dates until the first event fires in April. Want to try to have all of them ran by early August.