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Spoilers for Second Thoughts

Along with the cards already spoiled shown here.

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Holy shit. Very cool stuff. That operation is making me drool!

I’m not really all that sold on Restructured. Getting 10 credits together is not very easy with how much pressure every Runner is putting on now. It’s not-really-at-all-but-along-the-same-principle-similar to Successful Demonstration: 5 credits if you can manage a certain situation that the runners are generally not going to let happen. Some decks will have an easier time at it, but I don’t see it being anywhere near the auto-include of Hedge Fund.

1 point Jinteki Agendas are always nice to see though.

Yeah, what I don’t like about Restructure is that it requires playing with too many credits insofar as you have to keep beyond 10 credits to make your deck that click efficient.

I remember both Hedge Fund/Sure Gamble made me realize, when I first started playing, that I needed to keep at least 5 credits so that if I drew one I could use it. But 5 credits is a good number, especially as corp it gives the threat impression of being able to rez ice or activate a snare. However, expecting the corp to hold around 10 credits is just too much…

It would be great if it cost 8 and gave 13 (but at the very least cost 9 and gave 14).

Glow has it right, this is a card for specific decks. I can picture an HB Cerebral Imaging deck finding this card to be exceptionally helpful.