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Spoilers from GenCon for Opening Moves

Any ideas on the Opening Moves release date?

Can Jackson Howard be removed from the game during a run?

Yes, it’s a paid ability so you have windows to rez and use him at almost all stages of a run or otherwise.

In that case, Jackson Howard is going to be a great counter for shapers. Recycled snares and shuffling r&d after a successful indexing all day


Yeah, this card is just completely insane… costs nothing to rez, 3 to trash, decent draw ability and Indexing/Noise defense, and only 1 Influence. Like wtfawesome.


About time Corp got thrown a bone. That being said, as much as I like playing Jinteki and think that they need some good ice and econ, am I the only one that goes ‘meh’ at their econ card this pack? Information (Especially in Jinteki) is huge. Not sure how I really feel about it, especially because it also costs 2 clicks to use.

I am a fan of a 2 for 2 barrier though. Wouldn’t mind a 3 for 1/2 Sentry that does something fun. Corp needs a 2/3 cost Ice that can hurt if they facecheck early. Right now the safe spot is 4 credits (Roto, Neural etc…) I’d like to have a 2/3 cost threat as well to shake things up, even if it isn’t Jinteki. (I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t want it in faction though)

Not that I like the card, but I think the point of celebrity gift is to reveal 3 snares and an agenda, and get paid to say “I dare you”

But what are you replacing to put that in there. I always have felt that cutting with Jinteki was harder than just about any other corp. On top of that, by the time you DO have 3 Snares, the runner isn’t hitting your HQ that often anyway. It’ll always be R&D 80% of the time, and 20% of the time to hit your remotes when they feel safe and you feel poor. Also, if you have built up 3 Snares in hand, it is most likely because they aren’t running HQ anyway.

Early on, this is a bad card to play as it revels a large amount of resources for a so-so gain. The information you lose is worth more than the credits you gain I think. Mid game it’s alright if you have a full hand and stuff you are willing to show. Late game I don’t think it’s a good card as you are looking for a way to finish the game. This is a last longer type of card which I don’t think Jinteki wants/needs right now.

In your example, you play 3 credits and 2 clicks to gain 8. While that is a decent 2 credit per click gain, you are also drawing this card that could be something else/better. I’m not saying it’s unplayable, but I don’t think I’d be using it in any of my current Jinteki decks is all.

Jackson Howard is the real deal. Himitsu Bako is also going to be quite nice, I think. The new NBN toys in general seem very nice.

But note that runners got some really nice new toys as well! Helloo Mr. Masamori :).