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St. Louis Regional July 18, 2015 Discussion Thread

Not sure how many on these forums went to St. Louis today, but I thought it would be nice to give a shoutout to @lucasli for winning the whole thing. There was a great turnout at Game Nite (60 people). St. Louis defended home turf well from the out of towners, the top 3 was all locals. The highlight for me was watching my wife (who doesn’t have a stimhack account) got 6th at her first regionals running PE and Leela of all things. I myself didn’t do so hot, but I had a great time, and I think everyone who came out did as well.


I piloted reg-ass MaxX and FA NEH to first seed after Swiss. Fell out in eliminations quickly due to flood and a couple poor decisions. It was a lot of fun still, and I’m glad Lucas won. I definitely think he was the best player in attendance. Very deliberate and effective in his decision making.


Will drop a short report here and maybe a more detailed one tomorrow.

Got 9-3 in swiss (2-0 Turntable Leela/Jinteki Biotech, 1-1 (lose to)Drip Kate/Toybox RP, 2-0 Keyhole Leela/NEH, 2-0 Prepaid Kate/Glacier HB, 1-1 Prepaid Kate/(lose to)Mixture FA HB, 1-1 (lose to)Stimshop CT/Glacier HB)
Quite ironic that I beat all the prepaid Kate and lose to other type of shaper deck with clot…
1st round in eli: NEH vs Valencia, took the risk of blackmail and rushed out first Astro, Michael brought out a Medium but it didn’t help very much since R&D is expencive (2 Eli 1.0 and an architech) and there’s a hidden CVS waiting for him. I think he also didn’t see his Yog in the whole game even if he got the wildside, which is very unfortunate for him.
2nd round: Kate vs Jinteki PE, got an early Deus X and check every remote (well still smashed into a 4-advanced cerebral overwriter) and recur it for 1000 times. Finished the game with a YOLO maker’s eye. It’s still pretty close and I’d like to say that housecleaning in PE is quite interesting and sorry for lose tracking on it after a long day Sara!
3rd round: Kate vs HB, Roger bluffed my clot out by biotic labor into an NAPD! Really nice play! I went broke to steal that and have to get back to the game by SOT lucky find. Saw another NAPD in R&D, and checking the Turing remote makes me poor again. Roger tried to rush agendas when I cannot clot him, but that brings him down to 1 credit and I maker’s eyed the game.
Final: As I remembered the details were I bioticed the first astro and Roger didn’t clot my second one. I used JH to bluff out the clot, and Roger smashed into an Ichi 1.0 on his last click when he’s running into JH. He tried to scavenge SMC into clot (I believe that’s the last recursion before he Levy) but I purged immediately. He legworked me but missed the NAPD. At last he brought out Atman at 2 (for enigma on R&D) and accessed 4 cards but got nothing (we are at 5-5) and I FAed the NAPD. It was really close! Roger is playing very well and you will get better luck in the future!


congrats, @lucasli! as i said on the fb thread about the tournament: “really happy to see lucas take this – had a feeling this local regional was his to win, after barely missing in chicago/louisville! really nice/skilled guy – love his CT cosplay and caprice snacks too!”

hope we eventually see sara’s housekeeping pe, as it sounds brutal! wonder what happened to rp at this tournament (completely missing from the cut)…

Well I’d have to say that that game did not turned out to be as good as everyone expected… tons of miss trigger and other terrible mistakes happens. Well I would say that after played in a quite crowded place where the air conditioner was not working (didn’t mean to blame gamenite, they were supplying bottled water for free.) and everyone got dehydrogenate and smelling others’ sweat for about 8 hours will make one’s brain getting numb but I know that’s a really terrible excuse :cry:
Well Sara is really sooooooooo kind! We rewind when misstrigger happens everytime. She really should be more strict! If she called the judge and the judge gave me a game loss I really cannot complain about it.

Great job. We had a dearth of RP at our GLC event yesterday. Think there’s some real fatigue with it right now.

Would love for the STL meta to join the GLC.

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Congrats on the win, @lucasli. Well deserved!

The Tournament was awesome! The PE deck i played was 6-1, the only loss was to a deck with Deus X recursion. Here is the Housekeeping PE decklist :slight_smile: http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/23911/sara-s-housekeeping-pe-stl-regionals-6th .

@lucasli it was a long day after about 10 hours of playing, i couldn’t catch the misplays fast enough. When i caught them, i thought it was too late to say anything, but now i know. It was the best match we could have had after a long day. I look forward to a game in the future during a shorter tournament.

@lucasli is a fantastic player who frequents my store for netrunner every week and i lose to him every time! congrats on the win dude way to represent STL. and another congrats to all the other players from in state and without for their performance. =)