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StimHack Draft Cube: Current Lists (Updated for Earth's Scion)


Aside from the default agenda package of 5 Pri Reqs, are there other ones that people use that work well?

I saw a combination with fragments mentioned above, but it seemed to have fewer agenda points in it than the default


1 x Eden, 1 x Hades, 1 x Utopia, 1 x PriReq, 1 x Rebranding Team = 14 AP, which is what you require

The suite is better than the PriReq suite, but it is fair imo as 5/3 are worse in draft so the power boost is good for the corps, I run this in my cube


So, I haven’t purchased any netrunner products since the NBN/Neutral large expansion. Since I’m pretty much only using my cube these days, I’m a bit hesitant to spend $80+ catching up through the latest cycle, especially since it seems like the stimhack cube’s changes, vis a vis the mumbai cycle, were pretty light.

Would picking up maybe 1-2 corp and runner draft packs from hardwired get me cards to approximate the recent changes to the stimhack cube? Or were the cards that made their way into the cube mostly unique to the mumbai data pack releases?



Guys, need updates, 3 packs behind now :slight_smile:


Yes, does someone want to transfer control to someone else? Any proposed changes for the new packs?


I will try and get an update in by end of day tomorrow, but I would also not mind transferring control to someone else that will be more active with updates.


np ty


Does anyone have ideas for updates?

Here’s the proposed Fear the Masses
Adds - Bhagat- black file- ankusa- rigged results
Cuts- data leak reversal- scrubber- morning star- lemuria codecracker
ADDS- Magnet- Lateral Growth- Improved Protein Source- Ibrahim Salem
CUTS- Lotus Field- Beanstalk Royalties- Braintrust- Ronin

Ideas for 23 Seconds?


I’ll try to get the ball rolling.

23 Seconds
+Fairchild 1.0, -Pup
+Sherlock 2.0, -Vikram 1.0
+Chrysalis, -Neural Katana
+Hard-Hitting News, -SEA Source

+Deuces Wild, -Infiltration
+Injection Attack, -Surge

Blood Money
+Fairchild 2.0, -Viktor 1.0
+Special Report, -Disposable HQ
+Prisec, -Product Placement

+Credit Crash, -Demolition Run
+Paperclip, -Corroder
+Golden, -Ninja
+Temujin Contract, -Liberated Account
+Beth Kilrain-Chang, -Professional Contacts

Now tell me why it’s terrible!


I love Bioroids. That’s why terrible


no u

Add - Bhagat, Black File, Ankusa, Rigged Results
Cut- Data LeakReversal, Scrubber, Morning Star, Lemuria Codecracker
Add- Deuces Wild, Injection Attack
Cut- Infiltration, Surge
Add- Credit Crash, Paperclip, Golden, Temujin Contract, Beth-Kilrain Chang
Cut- Demolition Run, Corroder, Ninja, Liberated Account, Professional Contacts

Add- Magnet, Lateral Growth, Improved Protein Source, Ibrahim Salem
Cut- Lotus Field, Beanstalk Royalties, Braintrust, Ronin
Add- Chrysalis, Hard-Hitting News
Cut- Neural Katana, SEA Source/Midseason Replacements
Add- Special Report, Prisec
Cut- Disposable HQ, Product Placement


dont cut DLR or Infiltration or Proco

dont cut lotus field, beanstalk, ronin, product placement

i dont like those cuts.




no idea. wasnt even looking at the cube. but i know what losing those cards would mean in draft. any card that kills an archetype is a bad cut, and generic strong cards usually bad cuts too.

DLR - archetype dead. and its hard to make it NPE in draft. keep it.

infiltration - newer player favor. draft plays traps. keep expose/bad econ if you can.

proco - high end econ card, keep. thats even a high priority pick

lotus field - 1 of 2 ice you know will never die to parasite. its also unyogable ETR. keep.

beanstalk - low end, but low requirement, economy. the most cuttable card you listed, but i wouldnt cut it personally. econ gets hard in econ. and cutting econ is the fastest way to shift the balance between corp and runner.

ronin - if ronin isnt in the pool, you can leave anything advanceable until game point. its too important to cut.

product placement - another ‘most cutable card’ choice i guess, but its low power and high value. its also super annoying and in lower runner econ meta, its not always auto trash. very good card in draft format.


We have too many archetypes in the cube as it is. In an eight-player cube, twelve archetypes is too many. (That’s not the actual number, as I’m not referencing the current list, but it’s an example.)

What you’re looking for in a cube is combo/synergy and individually powerful cards. I don’t agree with Black File add, I do agree with DLR/Morning Star/Codecracker cuts. I agree with Infiltration cut since the replacement is Deuces Wild. Injection Attack replaces Surge nicely as well. I don’t much like Credit Crash replacing Demo Run, otherwise all of those other replacements are Fine. (I’d actually prefer Paperclip replaced Morning Star, not Corroder. I’d like to have both in the cube I think.)

I pretty much don’t agree with any of the Corp cuts, except Neural Katana and Disposable HQ/Product Placement. Braintrust, Beanstalk, Ronin, SEA Source are all terribly important cards. The worst of those would be braintrust, so that one is possibly cuttable, but I don’t particularly like cutting 3/2’s from the cube…


I can agree with most of these points. I was just trying to keep the ratios the same. Not cutting beanstalk, replacing one of the 3 beanstalks with lateral growth. Or maybe a green level.

I did corroder for paperclip so there’d still be two of the best fracter, one of each.

Maybe new construction for improved protein source?

What about midseason for hard hitting news?

I like product placement and proco, but i also like prisec and kilrain-chang.

I also assumed we were trying to move toward singleton as best as possible to create variety. Almost none of these are cuts, they’re 2-of down to 1-of with a similar replacement.


Ok, yeah, I misunderstood. I thought by ‘cut’ you meant literally it was being cut. :slight_smile:

I support going to Singleton format for Cube. (Although I’ve lately been wondering if it might be better to have a singleton draft but be able to put three copies of the card into your deck… Less packs, perhaps, to balance…)


Still trying to narrow this down.

Add - Bhagat, Ankusa, Rigged Results, Deuces Wild, Injection Attack, Paperclip, Golden, Temujin Contract, Beth-Kilrain Chang
Cut- Scrubber, Morning Star, Lemuria Codecracker, Infiltration, Surge, Corroder, Ninja, Liberated Account, Professional Contacts

Add - Lateral Growth, Ibrahim Salem, Chrysalis, Hard-Hitting News, Prisec
Cut - Beanstalk Royalties, Disposable HQ, Neural Katana, Midseason Replacements, Product Placement


Had a chat with @sonatinas about Cube over the weekend.

We agreed that Account Siphon should stay out forever, and that the current gold standard for Cube cards on the Runner side are Magnum Opus, Bhagat, Parasite, and Clone Chip. The ultimate place we want Cube to be in is a place where you can open a pack that contains those four cards, and six others, and have any of the ten choices be plausible/defensible. There should be a place (and we may not have the card pool for it yet, to be honest) where picking a card is a choice for playstyle/archetype, not just ‘pick the best card and move on’. (Which is why Account Siphon stays out.)

I’ve noticed that Icebreakers on the Runner side aren’t actually a high priority to pick up since you generally have a few options. On the other hand, Opus, Clone Chip, Parasite are all high priority because their effect is not available in the Cube otherwise. (Reliable Econ, Good Recursion, Dependable ICE Destruction)

We spoke about Archetypes in the Cube… For Runner side, there’s currently Good Stuff (or Reg-Ass if you prefer), Stealth, DLR/Keyhole, and Atman-Datasucker. On Corp, you have Rush, FA, Kill, and Glacier.

In general, Stimhack Cube needs to make a decision about Stealth. (And NEXT ICE) Because this archetype will not work in a Singleton format that Cube tends to imply. You must have 3x Cloak and 3x Ghost Runner for this archetype to be viable. (I’m actually tempted to pull the Lockpick/Dyson Fractal Generator/Silencer sets from the Cube… Because they make it harder for the Stealth archetype to work. Because other people will pick up Lockpick/Silencer because they’re just generally useful, and that makes it harder for the Stealth player to actually get the Stealth breakers they need. Cloak is similar, but it takes up precious MU that only the Stealth player should be willing to do.)

Right now, I think the card pool can’t support a fully singleton Cube. My question is whether it ever will. Do we want to try and push the Cube to Singletons?

(Oh, and sonatinas and I agreed that we definitely would suck at maintaining the Cube. :slight_smile:)


I think singleton is still a good idea to move toward even though it will never get there. We can have variety in ice and econ cards even if we’re stuck with all the currently existing 3/2’s forever. Even with something like stealth that they still print cards for, I’m sure netrunner will never have the cardpool to drop any of the ghost runners.