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StimHack Draft Cube: Current Lists (Updated for Earth's Scion)


I agree on Mopus being an auto draft, the power level of that card is too high. Many ppl have agree that a deck with 1 proco 1 mopus basically has all the econ you need, it is too easy to pick it.


I would be interested in the 360 card list.

Again, I think Mopus and Proco are too good. Idk if Keyhole and Medium are too good, they are really strong cards in this format, maybe runner is good enough as is without too many of these cards, maybe RDI and TME are good enough?


Any recommendations for accommodating more than 8 people? I was thinking of splitting up into 2 groups and then randomly removing 40 cards per person less than 8. So if you have 11 people, split the group up into a group of 5 and 6, and remove 120 cards from the first group’s cube and 80 cards from the second group’s cube.


I think the problem with that is that you’ll almost certainly divide the cards up too heavily, so that certain strategies become not viable, such as Scorch decks, or DLR, or stealth.

I’d just recommend increasing the pack size. For 11 people, maybe draft in packs of 15 or more. But splitting into groups with only partial sets of cards just sounds awful.


FFG’s recommendation, even with their draft packs, is to do half-drafts for larger groups. One half of the group only drafts Corp decks, the other half only drafts Runner decks, and then unless your group is huge you can do a sort of round robin thing: every Corp player plays every Runner player.

If you group is big enough that you want to do something more like Swiss, I don’t know how you run it. But that seems like a rarer circumstance.


@SneakySly any plans to update this to Crimson Dust, especially now that it sound like we’ll have no new cards for quite a while?


@bluebird503 is updating it now, and I’ll imagine he’ll have a new version sometime after GenCon is over, seeing that’s where he is right now.


With rotation coming up soon, has anybody tried making genesis + spin cubes? Would be a good way to get some use out of cards that are no longer legal for regular play.


That would be the perfect use of those cards. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about searching through and pulling any out for deck building even once rotation happens.


Will someone build a post rotation Cube Draft?


Considering all the prep for Worlds going on, I sincerely doubt that will be happening until the dusts settles in MN. I talked with Kyle (bluebird503) about the prospect and I believe there is going to be a split in the cubes, Stimhack Orgional will use the entire card pool and then possibly a brand new cube built from the Revised Core/Post Rotation card pool. Nothing definite, yet.


There is no reason to me that cube won’t be utilizing the entire extent of netrunner collections. Remaining faithful to magic cubes that inspired us.

However, I do think that a cube that is buildable from only currently legal cards is important so that players getting into the game have something to build. Should these players love cube as much as we do. I will do my best to maintain a cube like this but expect less updates from that cube(likely every several packs instead of every other pack like I’ve been doing with SH cube).

Expect an update to SH cube sometime within the next week, a final version going into worlds so that people can have it all built if they choose to bring it.

Finally, I have a lovely side project I’ve been working on. A “graveyard cube”. In spirit of rotation this is something to do with your excess cards(unless you already have a SH cube built).

Here is the first draft
https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/45847/the-4-player-graveyard-cube-runner https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/45848/the-4-player-graveyard-cube-corp


Thanks for putting these up. I’ll be running a 4-person draft this week (my first cube draft!).

Have you refined the starters at all? I was thinking of swapping private contracts for Melange in the card pool so that the standard corp starter of 5 prireq and 2 private contracts didn’t overlap with it.


that would work fine, I think the starters are very flexible as long as you keep things even between the starters

I was going to refine the cube a bit but some other things got in the way. I will try to get an update out soon.

Have fun!


Heya! Any update to the Crimson Dust cube? I’d like to get my cube updated for Worlds next week…


Let me know where this cube drafting is happenin’, I’d love to get in on that.


You got it. Cube is built and I’ll have it on me most of the time (Weds for sure, Friday probably, and Sunday for sure). There are no Kala Ghoda Real TVs in it, though, just FYI.


So, any updates for the new cards?



These are the newest Lists i could find:



Hope it helps!


As of today I have made my own modernized version of the stimhack cube. You can find the lists here:



Try it out if you like, Feedback very welcome!