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Stimhack League - Jinteki #5

Happy Holidays everyone! With the lull in lots of people’s competitive seasons after worlds I thought it would be a good time to start it up again.

To take part, please create or have a Stimhack account (which you don’t need to use, but it gives me a point of contact in case of dispute).

I’ll give an introduction for anyone who isn’t aware of what it is (veterans can skip ahead to section labeled skip to here). You play other people in the league and record your results on challenge boards. You find games by either joining the Stimhack slack, or just creating a game and saying Stimhack League or SHL in the title. Then confirm your opponent is in the league (there has been a problem with non-leaguers joining, please be polite). After playing your game, you record your results on the challenge boards. At the end of the league, the top 4 players will have a 4 person playoff that will likely be streamed, with the winner being crowned champion.

Newer players are welcome, just be aware that this is a competitive league with people who will be netdecking. If that appeals to you, we’d love to have you even if you don’t feel you’re a great player. Anyone who wants to improve as a competitive player is welcome.

You don’t have to play both sides, but it is encouraged and you record BOTH SIDES SEPARATELY.

If either side disconnects, the game is considered to not count. If you feel you were in a clearly winning, feel free to discuss it with your opponent or PM me if they don’t agree. Warning, no one yet has managed to convince me they were in a 100% win situation.

Veterans skip to here

After a couple of complaints in the last Stimhack League about online behavior, I’m announcing that we’re going to follow roughly the ANRPC Code of Conduct. Please be respectful online.
Packs will go legal as they become Tournament Legal on Jinteki. There will be some amount of lag time from release, but I trust the Jinteki crew to keep things updated quickly.

Here is the challenge boards link (if you’re new, you’ll need to make an account, please make it the same name as Jinteki and stimhack):

The password is “stimhackweekly” (minus the quotes “”).

The league starts Saturday 12/10 and ends Saturday 1/21.


Minor nitpick – Code of Conduct is actually here now:


And thanks for explicitly discussing the CoC in this!



This password is terrible. For shame. :angry:

Pw should have been “santaisanbninformant”

ol’ SanSan Claus


Bump and reminder this is going on! Get a nice break from your family over the holidays!


I’m kinda disappointed in the lack of participation in this event so far. I’ve been out of the game for about a year up until a little bit ago and used to play in the old OCTGN leagues. I’m kind of surprised in the lower league participation on Jinteki because it seems like there’s a lot more games being played online on Jinteki than there used to be on OCTGN (for good reason, I love Jinteki!), but I hardly ever see anyone requesting or participating in a Stimhack league game. Is this just because Stimhack league has been around for awhile now and the excitement has died off or are people just less interested in playing “competitively” online at this time of year (or in general?)? Perhaps because there is already a designated “competitive” room on Jinteki, that lessens the need for another avenue for “competitive” online netrunner?

Stimhack league has always been one of the reasons I keep playing netrunner. I enjoy playing random one-off games on Jinteki, but for me to keep making time to play I prefer the games to “mean something,” and I enjoy the way Stimhack league lets me track how I’ve been doing against some of the most high-caliber players in the world. Let’s keep Stimhack league alive!

I just haven’t had time

Holiday season was definitely the reason I didn’t play SHL5 the past two weeks. Up for games now, though. :slight_smile:

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I’d assume the holidays were a big part of it. I know I’ve been out of the game for a couple months now due to time constraints but I’m back now! Ready to give away wins while I remember how Nets work.

Is the top 4 playoff still going to happen? League activity kind of died off toward the end there, but I know I’m still up for it if the others in the top 4 are as well.

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I would assume so. Congrats on your 1st seed finish btw.

Yup it still will happen. I’ll get the top 4 organized this week.