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Stimhack Regionals Invitational Feeler

Qualified but likely will not participate - I rarely spend weekends at home and I don’t enjoy OCTGN interface so having to spend full night there (I guess that similarly to SSCI this event will favour people from American time zones) is not a good selling point :slight_smile:

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Man, we know. Our tournament season sucks. Blame Esdevium for wanting Nats held at the UK Games Expo despite the fact we’ve clearly outgrown it (they’re the UK distributors. Turns out they’re an Asmodee subsidiary so fingers crossed the merger means they’ll give more of a shit in future years, tho we’re not holding our breath)


Yeah. Odd that distributors are essentially the TOs for these. To find out that the Canadian Nationals is not in Toronto (flush that Regional bye down the toilet), I had to go to some distributor’s Twitter feed.

Waiting patiently on location… Could be that I can go :D.

Guessing Vancouver.

Vancouver would be great and is what I thought as well.

Game of thrones podcast mentioned they have heard Regina which is
quite a bit too far for me.


I’m game. Early August is a bit dicey, but otherwise most weekends are fine given enough lead time.

I’m in. Not at all interested in draft though.

Alright, I’ll take cube off the table for this one. When more regionals are done I’ll look into some possible dates that don’t conflict with any ARNPC finals or hopefully any Nationals either and poll player availability. I think we could reasonably keep it one day; it will have a lot FEWER people, so we could maybe do 4 rounds cut to 8 or something. Honestly I would love double elimination through and through if we got 64 or 32, but it’s ripe for feelbads and giving out byes sucks.

As far as ANRPC winners (and Nationals winners?) are concerned, I’m not sure yet. I would probably think no to either at this point because I’m not sure about the dates yet, (I would want all of said events to be over as to be fair about it). However, 2nd place at Regionals with the bye passed down from first will be legit, as in the SSCI. Speaking of, @AceJack is qualified even if @pacer wins all the regionals.


If we are with 60 people, 4 rounds is pretty hard. There might be a lot of ties for the top 8 and it would be sad if the SoS has a big impact.

I do agree with most people, that cube draft is a bit weird for the top 8 in the SRI.
Yet it would be nice if Stimhack could bring random people together to play cube drafting. Did it once and it was nice experience, but hard to setup if you don’t know who is interested. I’m not talking about a big event, but more about regular small drafts.

Btw can’t wait to cancel my sleep and play during the SRI.
Unleash The Jank.


Last regionals in the states is July 25th iirc, with nationals a week or two later, so it’s probably better after nationals in the pre-worlds downtime.

I’ve won the South-German Regionals and I already participated in the Whole 7 rounds of the first SC-Invitational

So: I’m definately in :smiley:

As for dates to avoid: the german Nationals are terminated for 15./16.8.

I’m definitely up for playing in this, provided that we get the date a good amount in advance.
FWIW I’d love a high profile draft event.


I won a Regional in Den Haag, the Netherlands and i’m definitely up for this event.

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I won the Calgary regional, and am interested in participating in this. I would also prefer not to have not to have drafting involved.
Thanks for organizing!

For what it’s worth, the last regional being held (Plano, TX), is the Saturday before Gencon. If possible, it’d be nice to include whoever wins that one, pretty please!

{disclaimer: am Texan player}

I mean, we only had a Store Championship last weekend :frowning:


Long double elimination would be great, I’d totally play a tournament with 100% games Double Elims (or Triple!), such as in billiards, with streams all over the net. I can lose first games and then watch the rest.
Another thing, not SRI related: maybe a Team Country vs Country tournament? :wink:
I’m qualified and I’ll attend unless the date collides with Polish/Slovakian/maybe Netherlands nationals.


Love this idea! :smiley:


I second the desire to split the event up into two days if it’s swiss and a cut. One big double elim might be a fun format. Even though someone has to get blown out by the nature of double elims at least they get to watch the stream instead of clawing through an uncertain swiss. Wish I could contest the memstrips ban, don’t know how I win without that silver bullet.