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Stimhack Slack Chat Channel


I can get down with that. I’ll just ask questions over and over again if I have any, and I’m sure someone will answer at some point. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just registered, hoping to have some good discussions. Local group has been receding due to holidays.


I still keep getting PMs from people asking for invites. You don’t need to do that anymore! Just click here and enter your email: https://stimhackslackinvite.herokuapp.com/


I entered my email, but still haven’t heard anything from Slack?


Be sure to check your spam folder, just in case. You can PM me your email if you want me to check if your email already has a pending invitation, and I can re-send it.


Ahh, strange! It came through about 20 minutes ago. :smiley:



Looks like Slack went down again. Hopefully back up soon? EDIT yep its back


Looks like another Slack outage, looks like it’s only affecting some people though.

EDIT: Slack issues seem to be resolved.


Clicking the Join link takes me to a page where I enter my email, but it says I’ve already been invited, but when I try to join, it says my email hasn’t been invited… Thoughts?


You are here :slight_smile:


OH, I didn’t see that I was sent an email. My fault! Thanks for the reply.


I’ve requested to join the slack channel. No idea how to use it though!


My request through the top link doesn’t seem to be working. Is this still the best way to get on the slack channel?


You can PM me your email and I can add you manually if it’s not working.


The Stimhack Slack moderator team has added a Code of Conduct to the server. I encourage all members to read it to know what is expected of your behavior on the Slack, as well as what actions you can take in case somebody breaches the code of conduct.