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Summer Team Tournament in Metro Detroit

Announcing the Summer Team Tournament (aka Inter-Store Friendly).

The event will consist of four-player teams representing each faction (including Neutral runners) for various stores in the area or teams from stores that want to make the trek to sunny Warren, MI.

WHEN: Saturday, July 30
TIME: Noon
WHERE: Eternal Games (26051 Hoover Rd, Warren, MI 48089)
ENTRY: The entry fee will be $10 per team member ($40 per team).
PRIZES: Sponsored by ANRPC and will have some prizes from them (i.e. custom metal dice, playmats and other goodies).
MWL: This event will have the new [NAPD Most Wanted List 1.1] (https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/e5/b5/e5b567d5-2873-4731-b2b6-5d3020b2bb02/adn_tournament_regulations_v113.pdf) in effect a few days earlier than the printed date of August 1st.

Keep up to date with the Facebook event.

If you want to participate on one of the teams, please contact your coordinator:

If you want to coordinate for a store that’s not listed, let me know. We’ll have enough room for at least 3-5 more teams.

Here is a link to the current teams that I’ll update as teams are formed:

We’ll also have some side events for anyone that wants to come out and support their local teams (i.e. cube drafting).


For the Ann Arbor - Get Your Game On team, we will be holding a qualifying tournament on Monday, June 27th:


The top 4 will earn a spot on the team, plus Spring GNK prizes for everyone.

I am particularly upset that this is going to be on the same day as the Toronto regional. While I would love to cross the river for this, getting to go to a regional in my own country takes precedence.

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@anon50033301 might be interested.

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@voltorocks - Do you think the Kalamazoo crew will want to put together a team for this?

we’re in talks. lotta dads and moms on our crew so it may be a bit last minute if everyone schedule and childcare works out. Looks like a fun event, though - I hope I can make it!


We had a 10-person GYGO team qualifier this Monday using the GLC MWL. Here a bit of a peek at the GLC MWL meta using the full Mumbad cycle cardpool:


Wins by Identities:


Not a huge event, of course, but I don’t think there’s much data on the GLC MWL. So, add this to the pile (or start the pile with it). I don’t think there was anyone on Museum of History or Mumbad City Hall. I think only the Noise players were on Faust (maybe Edward as well). Shaper seems to be the big winners.

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With less than a week to go, now will be a great time to let me know if you want to bring a team or be placed on one. Or, just plan on coming and hanging out.

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We had the Team Tournament two and a half weeks ago using the new MWL (1.1). Congrats to Team GYGO:

Max (@WhackedMaki), Steven (@Chromatically), Chris (@Icecreamcollege), and Bryce

They won over 4 rounds with 66 total points to edge out the next best team at 61 points. There were 6 total teams consisting of 24 players representing all 4 Corp factions and the 3 Runner factions and mini-factions.

Here is the win breakdown by faction and identity:


HB (11 total wins)

  • 4x EtF - 7 total wins
  • CI - 3 wins
  • Custom Biotics - 1 win

Jinteki (12 total wins)

  • 2x Palana - 5 total wins
  • Nisei - 3 wins
  • IG - 2 wins
  • RP - 2 wins
  • PE - 0 wins

NBN (14 total wins)

  • 3x SYNC - 7 total wins
  • Haarpsichord - 3 wins
  • NEH - 2 wins
  • CtM - 2 wins

Weyland (14 total wins)

  • 3x Blue Sun - 8 total wins
  • 2x Argus - 3 total wins
  • GRNDL - 3 total wins


Neutral (7 total wins)

  • 3x Sunny - 3 total wins
  • 2x Apex - 4 total wins
  • Adam - 0 wins

Anarch (11 total wins)

  • 3x MaxX - 6 total wins
  • Reina - 3 wins
  • Whizzard - 2 wins
  • Null - 0 wins

Criminal (13 total wins)

  • 3x Andy - 5 total wins
  • 2x Express - 6 total wins
  • Geist - 2 wins

Shaper (12 total wins)

  • 4x Mac - 7 total wins
  • Hayley - 3 wins
  • Chaos Theory - 2 wins
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You forgot the most important statistic of all, Tim.

1 Paper Tripping which cleared 15 Midseasons tags.

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You’re right! That is the most important.

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I tried to tag him as “@king_of_africa” but it doesn’t look like he’s registered here :grinning: Not quite sure the significance of the the handle, all I could gather from the Slack discussion a few weeks ago was that he’s a fan of Josh’s decks?

The trio of college players have gotten really good over the last year. They’ve won half of the store championships in Michigan, and done really well in some of the Regionals. It’s really cool to have some good young players in our local meta.

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That is cool.

He’s on slack as @coolkid. KOA is his alt.

Yeah, I think I knew he was @coolkid. Just not sure where the “Find KOA” meme came from. (But, if it’s disparaging, it’s better left unwritten.)