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Sweeps Weekly Open Season 1

Sweeps Weekly Open Season 1

We are starting off Sweeps Weekly again next week and there are going to be some changes to the format that drive players to consistently play from week to week. As you may already seen by the title we will be splitting the Sweeps Weekly Open into Seasons, this means each week depending on where you place you will gain points towards the season.

The system give you points based on your Wins also, this makes it less likely that people will drop out during the middle of the tournament. All the results for every week will now be published on the facebook page, which will be going live shortly after this post. - https://www.facebook.com/SweepsWeeklyOpen/

We are starting on the 14th of this month and the first season will consist 10 events.

All the dates for these events are below

All Ten Sign up pages can be Accessed by Clicking on the Dates above

The Point System

We are trying to create a point system that rewards players for not only playing consistently from week to week but also for players that perform at the top level. Our goal is to provide incentive to play for the big end of Season prize. (being currently worked on and finalised can’t say much just yet)

Current Score System Template

  • 2 points for Each Event completed
  • Every game win/timed is worth 3 points
  • Every game Tie is worth 1 point
  • 1st place 5 points
  • 2nd place 3 points
  • 3rd place 2 points
  • 4th place 1 points

We are including a drop round system where we only take your best 5 scoring weeks to add towards your point total, this will help to make sure that people who can only attend a lesser number of weeks are not knocked out the running by someone who could play all 10.

Each week will be casted and with the breaks in between Events we will be able to create a better schedule for current casters on aboard

There will still be Prize support listed from week to week keeping with our original promise to Provide funky cool lego promo exclusive to the Sweeps weekly open

Surrport Info

You can currently support our efforts to bring you these events by giving as little as $1 on our Patreon. all proceeds go into funding prizes and working to better the stream. There has been asked for Youtube content, which will become a massive highlight for this season, with each weeks featured match up (top 4 cut) showing up on our Youtube Channel every Thursday, make sure to share all out content here from Sweeps Weekly as it motivates and helps keep the tournaments and stream alive

Any questions can be Directed to me on slack or below


Previous tournament was at 6 PM GMT, these are listed at 6 AM GMT (I guess that it’s wrong?)

Looks great @Nemonix you could think about adding the events to to allways be running https://alwaysberunning.net/ It’s pretty good for seeing all the dates togeather. @ProfNecro should be able to set up some customs badges for the open.

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Yes that will be fixed thanks for bringing that to my attention

Will look into this thanks Laurie

I have added a section about Drop Rounds


Sign up for week 2
going down this Saturday

Bump Short on players this week

Signed up for the first time, do I have to do anything other than turn up at Jinteki 15 minutes prior with my decks ready?

Seems something is seriously wrong with pairings on Challonge when players with bye are involved.

There were 7 players. Round one there were 3 sweeps and a bye, so 4 players on 6 prestige. They should play each other, but instead two got paired down.

Then, after two rounds, there were two undefeated players (one was 4-0 and the other was 2-0 + bye). They didn’t get paired together.

so i believe this issue is due to players filling in there matches incorrectly instead of reporting there scores and letting an admin enter them into the system in a way which challonge understands

we resume the season on feb 11th hopefully we can get a higher player count for this time round

for prize support we require 8 players minimum

this week sweeps weekly will take place on a sunday as a trial

http://jnet.challonge.com/SWO1_5 week five is being played this Sunday :slight_smile: