Tacoma Washington Netrunner Group

I’ve been running around Tacoma to all the different card shops and cannot find a group that plays at any major shops. It seems if I cannot find a group I’ll be creating a group for us here in the area.

I look forward to being an organizer and have alot of ideas to bring new players into the mix.

Feel free to post up if you know of an active group in the area.

Otherwise speak up so we can get this rolling by the end of the month. I’ve already scouted out several shops in the area, now I just need to know if we have people on board.

I’ve got the resources to buy additional core sets, make beginner playmats, and provide refreshments and prizes to support the group for months.

Let’s hear your thoughts!

Hello from Olympia! Unfortunately I probably couldn’t make it to meets in Tacoma, just want to wish you the best of luck.

Interesting. I’m in Tacoma. There’s a group of us that meet regularly at TerraCrux Games, which is downtown, on Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon, with an occasional Tuesday thrown in for good measure. I’m a two minute walk from the shop so I can meet pretty much anytime. We had a tournament this last Saturday actually.

Nice, Thursdays! I get home from work at 730, couldn’t make it till late though :. Saturdays are open bit may be hard to swing (old lady). Is your group flexible to Fridays?

I’ll run it by everyone. It’s not a big deal for me, I’m up for playing pretty much anytime. If you have facebook you should check out the Seattle Area Netrunner Group, people occasionally organize games on there and post listings to upcoming tournaments.

What were the other stores you checked out, if you don’t mind me asking?

The newer shop on 6th Ave between sonics burger and Tacoma Boys. Also Uncles games in the mall but they want 8 people minimum for a recurring event, finally I checked Game On in puyallup South hill mall.

I’ve met some guys at the Bellvue Uncles games, since Im working on a project in that area I play 2 games every Tuesday at the Redmond uncles games.

I may see you guys on Saturday, post the time me and a buddy can probably show.

On Saturday people usually show up between noon and one, and play until whenever

I’m very glad I saw this post! I am also a newer player in Tacoma looking for a playgroup.

@WUWU What time on Thursday evening do you meet at TerraCrux? Thanks!!

Hi wind runner thanks for the response! I too am a month into the game along with three other buddies. Do you plan on showing up on Saturday?

Thanks for your support C.B.

Vancouver isn’t too far away really and we’d love to see you guys at our Store Championship on the 31st of this month. Check out the FB pages “Seattle Area Netrunner” and “PDX Netrunner” for all the meetups and tourneys coming up!

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Thanks for the invite, another Saturday? ? My old lady is gonna kill me. :confused:

On Thursday people usually show up around 430pm. It’s a pretty casual gathering that day, we’d love to have some new folks join us

The Thursday gathering works with my schedule! Barring any unforeseen occurrence, count me in!

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430 to what time?

Hey guys,

I run the monthly tournament at Terra Crux, and we meet up every Saturday around noonish until whenever. Other days are pretty fluid, we just happen to have been meeting Thursdays pretty consistently. We’ve been toying around with making Thursday x-wing night at the shop, but I hear that is the same night a lot of other places do it so we might change that up. I’m pretty open on meeting whenever since I work in Tacoma, so just let me or WuWu know.

Hey all,

We’re finally getting this off the ground at Terra Crux in downtown Tacoma. It is a completely free, weekly league with prize support. Come on down and get some games in!

Hey all,

I almost forgot about posting on this forum! We’re running another league at Terracrux Games in downtown Tacoma. It runs Saturdays @1pm until about 5, is free to join, fully prize supported, and is casual.