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[Tags] Professor does not like being tagged

[Update 1] Just realized Film Critic can be paired with New Angeles City Hall…But that’s a total of ~5 slots just to avoid tags. :frowning:

I am not sure if this is the right place to post. If it is, I wanted to know the best way to avoid
tags while playing the Professor? Is this a legitimate concern? If it isn’t, why not?

I realized the only way I know of how to prevent tags is through New Angeles City Hall. Is there another way I can avoid getting tags?

What worries me is Breaking news being scored with 1 click left to play Exchange of Information; or maybe Psychographics.

If there is no sure-fire way to avoid tags, how do I change my play style to accommodate being tagged ( other than increasing Link )?

For reference, here is my deck.


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Are you the sort of person that avoids spoilers? Alternatively: are the sort of person who would feel spoiled by being asked if you avoid spoilers?

there’s an upcoming Shaper program in Martial Law that clears tags at a decent cost if you get a large number of them. I’d link it but the preview makes it look like the link will spill through the spoilers. Unfortunately it doesn’t help much towards not receiving the tags, just helps get rid of them.

There are a few other options. Qianju PT could work, but you’d lose a click every turn (or every turn that you strategically choose to).

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You beat Breaking News tags by always running face down cards. This of course brings its own risks, but that’s the best way to avoid the never-advance BN + EoI/ASI combo. The real issue is just having enough clicks to keep up with remote spam without neglecting your own boardstate.

Luckily you are playing a Shaper identity and Hyperdriver is in faction… this card is great for boosting your setup speed and can be saved for turns when the corp vomits out a bunch of new remotes to check them all. There are a lot of other solutions as well.


@PaxCecilia: No, and yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, waiting for that card. What are my options till then though? Qianju does not seem that great for heavy tagging decks.

Thanks for commenting and your thoughtfulness :smiley: .

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@FarCryFromHuman: Thanks for commenting; I didn’t think of that.

Just watch out for psychic field. Have fun with your Jinteki match-up!

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