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Talk to me about your Morningstar

agreed. runner money is completely disposable compared to corp money, doing these one-to-one calculations never means anything in asymmetrical games, particularly netrunner.

It’s true that gear-check ICE can be a problem if you don’t have a way to get MS out easily - the difference between MS and, say a corroder is that once the corp starts installing ICE that corroder pays 4-5-6-7+ credits for each break, MS is still paying just 1 cr. In CT i’m running with inti for early game to stop the rush, followed by MS for the late game, which works pretty well. I just wish the rest of the deck did…

Been tooling around with a quetzal/d4vid/overmind/e3 rig that has fixed breakers thrown in for late-game brutality, and MS is my most-played supplemental breaker by far. quetzal/d4vid and e3 make MS fell so, so good to play, they hit curtain walls really hard.


3xMeru all the way, unless I’m playing a deck that cares about advanced ICE.

yeah, I think Meru is going to become very common, especially in BS who loves the positional aspect, never advances ice walls, and doesn’t care about the 1 extra cost.

And Mushin/Off The Grid/Crisium Shenanigans!