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Tell me about the tournaments you've played in this year (2014)!

Hey everyone! I’m interested in knowing your tournament activity for this calender year. I want to group them as League and Game kit tournaments, Store Championships, Regionals, Nationals. Please only include tournaments of 10 or more players.

Please present your response similarly to this.
Type of tournament: Place/Total Players

Store Championship: 3/19
Game night kit: 1/11
Nationals: 15/256

Don’t be shy! I am looking for data from all types of players.

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Chronos 20ish/20ish
Regionals 1/24ish
Regionals 3/22ish
Nationals 24/85

Store Championship: 2/15
Store Championship: 3/16
Store Championship: 2/18
Store Championship: top-4 (left before elims)/16ish
Store Championship: 1/32 (FINALLY ;))
GNK: 1/14
GNK: 2/10
Maybe other GNKs? Seems like I’ve mostly missed these this year
Regionals: 30/89 (or however many chicago was, grumble grumble biotics grumble)
Regionals: 9-12/65 (Louisville)

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Something like this:

Game night kit: 4/13, 4/10, 3/12, 3/14
Store Championship: 2/15, 2/14, 2/11, 3/14
Chronos Protocol: TO/30
Regionals: 7/59, TO/25
Nationals: TO/38

TO = Tournament organiser

Started playing around March so I missed out on SCs.

Game Night Kit: 2/12
Game Night Kit: 3/10
Game Night Kit: 4/14
Game Night Kit: 2/14
Don’t remember my place in 3 other GNKs, but they were middle of the pack
Regionals: No idea but didn’t make it close to top 16/65 (Louisville)
U.S. Nationals: 18/256 - I think there were 12 of us with the same prestige starting at #13

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Eric, I don’t want to know how you did :stuck_out_tongue: It’s-a-me, Corey!

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GNK: 13/14
SC: 8/18
SC: TO/18
SC: 2/24
Regionals: 7/76
GNK: 8/19
GNK: 12/18

Store championship 1/10
Regionals 26/87
Regionals 7/69
Store Tournament 1/10
Store Tournament 7/10 (lol don’t ask)

SC: 1/18
SC: 1/8
SC: 6/16
Regional: 13/84
Regional: 9/48
Draft: 1/8
Draft: 1/8
Fun tourney I ran at a Con: 6/12
Nationals: 30/256
Worlds: 1/???


SC 2/25ish
SC 1/32
SC 1/24ish
Regionals 1/52
Regionals 1/66
Regionals 15ish??/87
Nationals 6/256

I think I am missing at least a SC or two, and I am not including game nights. I play in 2 game night tournaments a month, and have finished anywhere from 1st-6th in just about all of them (usually 1st or 2nd) and they range in size from 12-24 people.


January: local tournament in Wrocław, 5/12
February: local tournament in Wrocław, 1/11
March: SC in Wrocław, non-playing TO (26 players)
March: tournament at a fantasy/sf convention in Poznan, 13/25
March: SC in Szczecin, 1/10
May: local tournament in Wrocław, 2/13
June: Regionals in Wrocław, non-playing TO (36 players)
July: local tournament in Katowice, 7/18
August: Polish Nationals, 4/51

Store champs: 8/56
Regionals 14/64(ish)
Regionals 9/59
Nationals (Canada) 10/60
Tournament kit draft tournament: 2/10

Regionals: 19?/65
Store Championship: 1/14
Game Night Kit: 1/13

We’ve had several GNKs in the 8-9 person range. I have yet to place anything other than 1st or 2nd in them. Currently working on building the scene more and more to get that +10 person sweet spot.

(edit: Oh right - I placed 4th I think? in an 8 person tournament - but there were outlaying external factors that may have contributed to that tournament’s placement involving our hotel double-booking us//15 other hotels being all booked up so our group got like an hour of sleep in a crammed up car… The players there were quite skilled - not taking away from that. Just saying that were were braindead going into it. :p)

SC 9/32
SC 4/20(ish?)
Regionals 4/32
Regionals 8/72

SC 5/16
SC Bad/16-ish
SC Bad/20-ish
SC Meh/20-ish
SC Bleh/30-ish
SC 2/12
Regionals 25+/52
Regionals 2/66.

As you can see, one really good showing, the rest very meh.

But the really good tournament came at the end so it shows improvement. (Also played rather mediocre decks at two of the SC’s, but excuses are never good!)

Edit: And too many GNK’s to count. I’ve won my fair share, I’ve done terribly my fair share.

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it’s funny, we have so many tournaments out here that everything smaller than regionals has blurred together. I went to I think 9 store championships and 15-20 game kit tournaments over the year, and they’ve all kinda blended together (usually managed to top 4/8 though)

regionals were ~10/45 at san antonio (don’t remember the exact count), and 2/~50 at tulsa

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Store Championship 1/23
Regionals 1/87
BGG OCTGN Tournament 4/100ish

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Nationals:Germany - 2/85, Dutch - 1/58
Regionals: 2/39, 2/20ish, 6/20ish, 7/20
Euregio Championship: 1/24
Chronos Protocols: 1/48, 1/30ish, 2/17, 9/19, 10/20ish
Store Championships: 1/11, 1/20, 2/19, 4/20ish, 7/13
Game Nights: I usually play 2-3/month and do fairly well most of the time.

Store Championship: 16/26
Chronos Protocol : 7/30
Store Championship: 2/20
Regionals: 3/21
Regionals: 19/36
GNK: 1/18
Polish Nationals: 12/51
GNK 8/20
GNK 4/12
PL OCTGN tournament 6/26

Store Championship Liege, Belgium: 3/17ish
Store Championship Brussels, Belgium: 1/16ish
Chronos Protocol Antwerp, Belgium: 5/13ish
Store Championship Leuze-en-Hainaut, Belgium: 1/13ish
Regionals Antwerp, Belgium: 2/18 ish
Regionals Liege, Belgium: 8/34 ish
Regionals Geneva, Switzerland: 1/13 ish
France Nationals Paris, France: 18/109 ish
GNK Liege, Belgium: 1/13 ish
GNK Liege, Belgium: 2/15 ish