Testing buddy thread

Hiya, I’m always looking to test certain decks vs certain decks and it occured to me this might be a good way to find like-minded players.

If you will agree to play a deck of my choosing vs me, ill do the same for you. Im mostly free from gmt0(10am-8pm).

Right now im looking for ctm, gagarin and ig (asset spam decks) as well as fa decks of any kind to play against.

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I don’t personally have time for this right now, but I whole-heartedly support the idea.


Sounds good, unfortunately none of those decks are in my wheelhouse.

I would be down for this. However I have never played the ig or Gagarin deck spams so I would be learning / practising as we go. I normally will try to be on 5am-6am est Monday - Friday and 5am-8am on Saturday and Sunday which I think 5am est lines up to 10am gmt. Hit me up if you see me on and want to try this.

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That’s a great idea. I’m in if you want to play with me. I’ll send you a message.

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Thanks for the replies all! In the interim that I was neglecting this thread I thought my friend to play on jinteki so my problems are now thoroughly solved.

Those who are up for testing have been pm’d.

Lemme check my schedule …
I’m very under-trained with the Corp decks u mentioned. I could use this as a golden opportunity for me to practice