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The Big List of Decks | Sneakdoor Melbourne

Check out our comprehensive list of popular deck archetypes. We’ve provided a quick write up of each deck along with a sample decklist and some popular variants. Thanks to the LCG model decklists are constantly being created and evolving, so leave a comment if there’s something you think should be added.


I don’t see Reg-Ass Val in there. Basically, standart breakers, atman, desperado, clone chip (though after the release of Underway I’m playing with Faust). Also, second variation is NRE and desperado, third is NRE, clone chip and grimoire.

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Added a note under L4J Whiz due to the similarity of the decks.

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Great article pal, thanks a lot! As a newer player this is absolutely invaluable! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Excellent work, we have newer players in our area that ask about popular archetypes all the time and this will be a great resource to point them to (as was the archetype thread we had here on Stimhack as well).

One minor nitpick… Not that anybody plays Supermodernism any more, but those that did (including hoobajoo, who came up with the original deck and playstyle) packed up, moving it out of BABW and into GRNDL as soon as Fear and Loathing came out.

Hoobajoo’s Supermodernism
Standard Supermodernism Archetype Build from NRDB*

*Bit of self-promotion for a year and a half old list, sorry! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, except for @raveladvice who just won a tournament with Hypermodernism 3.1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Also in the Weyland section, Black Knight is listed as a Bootcamp Glacier variant which is entirely wrong seeing as it’s a rush deck and it has neither OAI or Adonis. It’s much closer to Uncorrodable, just a lot less fussy about what type of breakers it trashes.


Is Never Advance still a NBN archtype or was it more of a play style?

NEH kind of killed it and took its stuff. The constant horizontal expansion that fuels NEH kind of turns off the Edges of World that NBN NA used as its trademark threat. The playstyle is still there (sort of), but the archetype has moved on to remote spam NA powered by Turtlebacks or the straight-up Astrobiotics FA.

Updated Black Knight to have its own section. Sorry about that, I was getting pretty spacey by that point! Sweet deck btw.

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Must have missed that somehow! I’ve updated the decklist with the Hypermodernism list that recently won a tourney.

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Cool, I thought with the release of Haarpsacord it might return but what do I know.

Would it be much to ask to have my decks in there?
They did “break” the meta after all! :smile:
(and considering noone plays those IDs, they are somewhat proved to be working and different than the standards)


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I’ll add Nisei Division Flatline as I’ve seen a few variations around. The Sil deck appears to pretty much be a stealth Crim deck so I’ll add it as an Andy variation.