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The cards that made us mad

OK, make architect 4 str, done

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do we really need threads like these?[/quote]


I’d like to say something about Caprice Nisei and pay.

Without the ability to deny the runner access to a remote, the Corp pretty much loses glacier as a strategy, and before crisium grid, there was literally nothing you could do against the more powerful runner run events, if you got a poor draw and couldn’t bait the runner into spending money adorably, as a Corp. Now that runners/strategies like Valencia/blackmail exist, caprice is important more than ever, since pre rezzing your ice takes away one of the fundamental points if the game, hidden information, and it simply becomes a math exercise too successfully run a server, when you decide it needs to be done. If traps were more prevalent, this would be serviceable and OK, but as it stands, the top runner strategy is to inconvenience ones self for part of a turn to play around something. Damage by never dropping below a certain amount of cards, glacier by never running often, and tagging by running first click and hoping you don’t get midseason tags. Caprice does allow the Corp to get away with slightly weaker ice defenses on a single server, but she also enforces the idea that the runner isn’t invariably going to win by default by locking a Corp server down, at least not without serious investment. For all the games that Caprice wins, once she’s gone, it’s almost assuredly a losing game for the Corp. Also, Corp decks that can afford Caprice influence wise, can also afford more experimental, and unconventional tactics, increasing the variety of Corp decks in the game. I’ve always felt netrunner should have more variety to boost the hidden information/bluffing part of the game, and the way people talk about certain runners/corps, there seems to be more of a “right way” to make a deck/play the game, and that seems wrong.

Playing on OCTGN, I’ve noticed that many people’s decks don’t have a lot of variety, and I’m one of the only people I see playing stranger cards than normal, usually at least. There seems to be more potential for many cards than is given credit, and many more cards and strategies are scattered to the wind because “they aren’t good”. I’d like people to really ask themselves whether their strategy works because it’s the best, or because it beats the odds more often than not because people generally play predictably. If you netdeck a popular tournament winning deck, are you predictable? Should you pack a surprise or two? Most times the answer is “yes, but I’d rather not lose so I’ll play what I know works rather than risk it” and “absolutely not, variance”. It seems too robotic a mindset for such an abstract game.

Tl;dr caprice is important, runner and Corp have problems at a deckbuilding level, shit decks are shit, but trying to make them work works more often than you think.


I’d also like to address this. This is a good thing, we should be leaning towards parasite not being in every shaper and anarch deck by default, it should have serious problems against many decks or at least should have more cards that work effectively to address the problem, or the game revolves around these cards, and that isn’t fun.

Shaper I can get behind, but Anarch? It’s a core set card, and a really important one for Anarch. Ice destruction is a big part of what makes Anarch different to other factions, and I’d rather that restricted outside faction and enhanced in faction than just blanket made worse.

I don’t know; contexts of cards matters.

Cutlery exists, and that’s a big box card, which by capitalistic requirements, demands to be placed higher on the importance scale.

You’re right though, parasite makes a lot of ice way more reasonable, but at too much of a loss for the Corp. Parasite is OK, parasite spam is not, to much npe involved

Cyberdex Suite is pretty strong against Parasite spam. Watching people click through an Eli to melt some ice, only to find all their counters gone and their turn over never gets old.


Foxfire is pretty good against gang sign.

I know, it’s not a fair comparison. But you knooooow what I mean.

Speaking of which, I played a particularly long game against Leela that demanded I get rid of them. All of them. Without corporate town, I would have had literally no chance. If it weren’t for executive boot camp, I’d be screaming for a paid ability that could find answers to problems like smc for shaper. If we could instantly find an answer to parasite in non blue sun decks, I think that would go a long way. God it’s like I NEED to rant today

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This card gets better every day.

It just needs a way to be pleasurable as a one of. I meant playable, but it’s as if my auto correct knows what I really meant by that

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It’s almost Apex hate too!

I wouldn’t have minded Caprice nearly as much if she was a 0-to-rez trash ability like Batty is. I agree with you on why she exists, but she’s just too strong.

And unrelated, but AstroScript would have been a perfect agenda if it were a 4/2.

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Batty’s really the only card that other people dislike that I also do. I think the possibility of unavoidable trash overly pushes criminal out of the meta and prevents builds without recursion from being competitive.

There’s a host of under-powered cards I’m annoyed at FFG for designing because they never had any upside, if they were properly costed they’d be obnoxious so I get annoyed that FFG was even trying to design them.

Also, FFG making so many silver bullets which shutdown one thing but are useless outside of that eventuality is annoying. Silver bullets should be like jackson howard or I’ve had worse, soft (don’t completely shutdown) but help outside that matchup.


There is so much recursion though, play a less competitive deck, and you’ll find that it is described as such because of the ridiculous amounts of recursion. In fact, with all the recursion in the game, it’s as if the developers want the game to be played with only a smaller subset of cards, that are designed to be abused over and over again.

Also, they should combine fast track, foxfire, snatch and grab, and cyberdex trial in one card. Call it foxfire 2.0


In reality I think it’s good that these kinds of “problems” exist. If there wasn’t a challenging problem for people to focus on, the game would get stale. I think the game is in a healthy state. There are enough counters out there to let the meta shift quite freely. For the syssops there is always drive by + S&W… sometimes you need to just throw a little lead to solve a problem.

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  1. astroscript pilot program
  2. mushin no shin
  3. marcus batty

edit: ironically i love it when i’m the one using these cards


I think criminals need more reason to play expose effects. Also, there needs to be a way to surprise s&w into play for it to be better, a reason I am a proponent of street peddler in criminal. That and stimhack/pheromones, Rolodex, and blackguard

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Mushin is easily top 5 favorite netrunner cards. How can you hate it?!?!?!?


Cause you have to run it sometimes, else they’re always 3 pointers. And then they turn into overwriters. And infiltration isn’t good enough to same old thing apparently.
Or even run in the first place. But hey, drive by exists, and I sometimes same old thing that

i think Datasucker is main the problem for Yog.0 tbh.

in the old netrunner, there were similar breakers to Yog.0 that could even boost themselves.
granted, they were really expensive to do so, like 3c for +1 star, or they also had lower str, like 0 or 1, or cost a lot of credits to install like 7+

and the most important, the only card that i can recall that could really help them out, Clown, worked like ICE Carver, just lowering the str if encountered ICE, but it was a program. it wasn’t unique iirc, but it soaked up MU


The only card I got a little crabby about (still don’t care for it) was SMC. It took just about all the drama out of running a server with unchecked ICE.


i enjoy playing it quite a bit myself, but the card, competitively, is total bullshit

the best strategy with Mushin is to throw things that can be advantageous to sit with three counters or for the Runner to hit immediately as you draw them, which means, neither of you really has any control over which card gets Mushined. i believe that on some level, including Mushin No Shin in a deck is a concession of faith in the deck

when my draft started going poorly and i realized i had made an underwhelming deck, i just started drafting Mushins. worked pretty well, actually