The Future of ANRPC?

Hey all,

I’m trying to find a little more info on the ANRPC, and the website isn’t really giving me much.

What happens after all of these first rounds of tournaments? I know the goal was to send folks to Worlds, but will there be other kinds of events under the ANRPC banner? I think there is tons of potential, but I just don’t know what the plan is, at this point.

If anyone can help me out, that’d be great!

Hi @pizzarony!

The ANRPC began with the Southern Megacity Circuit, whose aim was to host a bunch of small qualifier tournaments across the US Southeast, and then finally host an Invitational event which would pool some of the revenue from the qualifiers in order to send the champion to Worlds. Players from across the US and the UK loved the idea, saw that it was replicable in other regions, and the ANRPC was born.

Unfortunately, FFG was not able to make our plan work with their new registration system for worlds, which none of us knew was changing from last year until the circuits were already underway. All of the finals will still happen, but most of the circuits will be paying out cash prizes this year rather than paid travel to worlds. We are also always looking into ways of creating awesome promotional items and trophies to ensure the finals events just as exciting.

We are a relatively new organization, and right now we are concentrated on proliferating, as player-organizers look to put together circuits in the heartland, the southwest, and the pacific northwest. Unfortunately, that has meant that we have been less focused on some other things as we continue to expand to more and more regions, (and sometimes, we are a little slow to update the website). I’m currently our de facto “ambassador” so some of this is my fault. I have a lot on my plate right now.

Looking to the future, we have a couple players amping up to throw some ANRPC official $1k open tournaments, hopes to throw an event at worlds, and dreams of hosting an ANRPC World Championship in a location that is both easy to travel to and worth sticking around at for a vacation, for people who want to bring their spouses or families, or who just want to stick around for a week to hang out with their Netrunner friends.

I’ll do my best to keep everyone in the loop whenever there is news to announce! Official ANRPC announcements will be visible here on Stimhack, on the Netrunner Reddit, on, on Redirecting... and on all the relevant local Netrunner Facebook groups.

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Fuckin nailed it.

Lots of stuff in the back ground. We are getting there :wink:

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Thanks for the replies.

How can I get involved with helping? I’d love to organize something here in Toledo. We’re in the middle of a lot of good players(Michigan/Ohio/Indiana).

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@pizzarony, I help run the Midwest leg of the ANRPC, amongst other things. We’re in the middle of our circuit now. We had our first event in Dayton, and have another coming up in Cincinnati. I’d love for a future Toledo event, but, think we’re good for this season in Ohio.

As noted, check the main site,, for details. Otherwise, ‘Like’ our group for info. Redirecting...


A long time ago (early May), this picture was posted on the ANRPC Facebook group:

I have heard nothing about it sience then, is it happening? Because if so, I would be super pumped.

Wow! Really great stuff, going to my first Worlds this year so really hoping for more events there as to maximize Netrunning to travel ratio (coming from Sweden).

Also, I’d totally travel to an ANRPC WC if it was in a nice location, we have direct flights to a couple of destinations for very little (Vegas, LA, SF, Miami…since I guess we are talking US), so to combine with vacation would be awesome!


Some of the ANRPC prize alt-art IDs are really good looking, thanks for making the effort to organise all this and hopefully we get more tournaments next year!


Two events were announced for Vancouver, Canada already. Dates/Locations are known. They are coming soon.

There will be two events in Portland area, a couple in Seattle, and I believe one in Spokane. Dates/Exact locations are not announced yet(although I have strong suspicions of which stores got it)


Just wait until you see the finals alt art ID prizes :smiley:


South of Spain would be a great place to host this WC. Sun, beach, party, cheap alcohol everywhere… We also would like to start an ARNPC tour here… doesn’t it sounds good? :smiley:

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