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The Geist Zeitgeist


spy camera + inside job early game.

TME/RDI for late game.


Further testing in Spy Camera Geist has shown that Clone Chip into The Source and Film Critic is a solid call, no matter how much of a shame it is to lose the CC. It really improves the FA match up, with lots of FA decks just not able to counter the extra advance requirements, especially when you back it up with Fall Guy.

FC gives you some game against IG as well as you’re finally able to steal those TFPs (and Spy Cameras help you avoid untrashable snares). The Source stops the old Never Advanced Chronos Project, which is a nightmare for the deck. Haven’t tested it in that (or any) asset spam match up yet, that’ll be next on my list.


There’s a hell of a lot of utility in running Hostage with Street Peddler. You can play the Heritage Committee game, deciding based on the top 3 cards of your deck if you’d prefer to find a Street Peddler or another connection (Tech Trader, obviously). And I think Hostaging for a Street Peddler is totally fine if you see something you want on top of your deck.


But you shuffle after Hostage, right? Am I missing something here?

Edit: I should clarify that I don’t see where the window to use Peddler is; It works with Heritage Committee because you use it with the click of MCC, you can’t use the trash effect of Peddler with the Hostage action though.


Hostage installs and shuffles after you install.


The idea is that looking at the next three cards while you’re hostaging will let you see what will end up on Street Peddler if you fetch it, as you don’t shuffle your stack until AFTER the cards go onto it.


Of course. Thanks for the explanation, I probably should go and get another cup of coffee.


Honestly… it’s pretty counter inuitive :stuck_out_tongue: I fully expect a very miffed opponent if I ever try it during a game.


It’s worse with an Off Campus Apartment out, because I believe you can even choose the order of the draw effect and the 3 cards going on Street Peddler.


has anyone tried this on jnet in practice? I figured when using MCH the procedure should be you just declare “im going to use MCH” and first look at the stack (might raise a few eyebrows across the table if they don’t understand what you are doing), and then hit the click button to tutor up what you want to (heritage or mumba/museum).


Incidentally, my current decklist for Spy Camera Geist. Need advice on trimming down from 47!





cortez chip seems like a classic example of including bad cards for synergy over good cards for power. switch for a siphon+SoT?

how are tech writers working out for you? seems like the very definition of a bad card for geist in that they pay out in the late game where he is strong and do nothing to accelerate the early game where he is weak.

source looks an interesting include and can be tutored for with hostage.


Well, the synergy is really powerful here, almost worth it JUST for that. But… Cortez chip has really surprised me in how effective it is. I was very dubious about its inclusion to be honest, but the way it works with the Siphons and Inside Jobs has convinced me to keep it a bit longer.

Tech Writer is nice mid game boost if you draw it early, and probably worth it just for that. It takes the place of something like Sure Gamble I think? I’m usually taking 5 to 10 creds off it, so good for suddenly applying pressure to a central or a remote.


Has one of my co-workers put bath salts in my tobacco pouch again or is Brahman from the next data pack actually not bad in Geist?

Ok here me out…

  • Geist uses cloud icebreakers which when set up properly have 0 MU cost, so the 2 MU of brahman isnt a thing

  • Said cloud breakers are very, very low cost, or for spike 0c, so its not gonna cost you to reinstall it

  • Geist gets clickless draw from a lot of his cards, so you will see that program again

  • Go completely bonkers and use Savoire Faire to install the program again for no clicks

  • Security chip it for a str 5/6 AI breaker for a whole run

I have a feeling Brahman is going to be better in Hayley with cache, but being able to collapse 2-3 breakers into one (i think you still need mongoose) i think is a good shout for a geist deck. Also, between tech trader and tech writer iv not noticed money be a problem for a geist deck, not even counting siphons, so the 2c for +1 str thing on Brahman isnt even that bad.

I dunno, is this madness?

(i noticed the below after posting this, so im just adding them here to save myself double posting)

  • You can switch the order of programs on top of your stack around with spy camera, if for instance you have to break 2-3 ice in one run with Brahman

  • Intense hijinks can be achieved by putting cloud breakers back on your stack before you need to pop hopper or forger and go below 2 link, hell if your putting your rig back ontop of your stack why not splash apocolypse?

  • You can use Brahman to pre-load a street peddler with a program or multiple programs, like a cloud breaker or maybe even a clot


You can’t bounce Cache back with Brahman.


Urgh yeah your right, not clot shenanigans then either. Rest of my points stand though.


[quote=“king_mob, post:1440, topic:4242, full:true”] Rest of my points stand though.

I guess? I suppose I’m not 100% why you would install a B&E breaker with the sole purpose of just using it to bounce back. Brahman seems best with Hayley, D4v1d, and NRE.

Brahman is also 3 influence, so is playing that really better than just playing a Clone Chip or another Levy?


The best I can come up with to synergize with Brahman are D4v1d, the Cerberus breakers, and maybe Overmind (which is a pretty bad option).

I could see 1 or more of the Cerberus breakers and D4 making a nice combo with Brahman, but I don’t think Geist is the place for that because of the influence/tutoring.

Haley may get to install without a click, but Geist is fairly likely to draw the card back without a click, in that way there is some similar synergy.


Rex + Brahman seems acceptable in Geist…