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The infinite-influence runner deck

This is a deckbuilding exercise that should help us highlight which cards are strongest and worth building around. If you were building a runner deck and were forced into a blank, neutral identity with infinite influence, what would be the strongest deck you could build?

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###Inf-luence (45 cards)

Event (17)

Hardware (9)

Resource (4)

Icebreaker (5)

Program (10)


Nice list. Some nice possible runner ups: Vamp, Indexing, Legwork, Imp. I would put Imp in just about any deck if it cost less influence. It also pairs really nice with clone chip, scavenge and other shaper recursion.

I like that list and I would do something similar.

I would definitely try to fit in a couple Legwork, and one Sneakdoor. The Sneakdoor is mainly to kill caprice on HQ, but also as a surprise. You can tutor for it so i think it should be there. I’d also try to fit in a couple emergency shutdown, and probably some other R&D multi access card of some sort.

I had 1 Sneakdoor and 3 Shutdown in there originally. It’s hard to find room for things, and I think it’s too easy to get caught up in bullshit to do and not play enough econ.

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