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The mystery of Wu


I must admit that I don’t like high cost resources without Career fair these days. The tempo hit in Wu is terrible. I started counting the number of uses of ProCo after I installed and I think the most I got out of it was 8.

I was playing with clone chip but in three games never used it. Partly I got paranoid about ark lockdown and of course one of the games was against Skorpios. I got one use out of a scavenge.

Breaker wise, Brahman and D4vid is hilarious (ditto Lady) but I realised I was getting into a loop where I was just endlessly stacking and recurring programs (Misdirection is handy Brahman fodder) and hardly ever getting to draw into my deck.

So I don’t know what to try next. It feels like you either have to go for a combo deck where you spend your first two turns spamming your SMCs then get on with the rest of the game, or you need to focus on drawing your key events and resources confident that you can pick up your programs when you need them. That second approach seems to suit clone chip and scavenge because you are more likely to download a program without using a SMC. E.g. downloading a D4vid while you have Scavenge or Brahman on the board. I saw someone posted a Wu deck with Maxwell James and Mining Accident which looks fun; SMC loves Bad Publicity.


I tend to lean a lot more heavily on ProCon for setup and draw. I find that when you start with Sure Gamble or Peace, installing an early ProCon is huge. I tend to use it twice per turn in most games. I think you can afford the time to do that because you save so much setup time from being able to use Wu’s ability to get your rig up quickly.

I think if I had more event based economy, I could play more aggressively with Laguna Velasco District, but ProCon feels pretty good.

I haven’t really explored the D4v1d + Brahman combo but might look into that too. I think that’s a different rig though, because I would ideally want Chameleon and Sahasrara in the mix too.


I like the idea of Femme, but Hunting Grounds is so good right now!

RNG Key is good but I think without Find the Truth, you are neutering Equivocation to use it just for an extra 3c or 2 cards per turn.

So far I decided I will try -3 Clone Chip, +2 Film Critic, and +1 The Shadow Net. I might try Artist Colony instead of Shadow Net though. That would let me pull out Clot in a pinch, grab SacCon to keep Clot or Tapwrm on the table, or tutor for Hunting Grounds or other tech cards. Shadow Net would mostly be for more aggressive digs on R&D, burst economy, or replaying Stimhack in a pinch.


I wouldn’t mind some feedback on this list. I saw @Nemamiah I believe play something similar out of Hayley and decided to give it a go. I thought the Wu synergy with Grappling Hook was something worth exploring, so I converted it into this.

Green Giest

Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker

Event (13)
3x Deep Data Mining
3x Diesel
1x Information Sifting ●●●
1x Interdiction
2x Levy AR Lab Access :unicorn:
3x Sure Gamble

Hardware (2)
2x Astrolabe

Resource (21)
1x Beth Kilrain-Chang
3x Daily Casts
3x Kongamato
3x Professional Contacts
1x Sacrificial Construct
3x Same Old Thing
3x Street Peddler ●●●
3x Tech Trader ●●●
1x The Shadow Net

Icebreaker (2)
1x Inti
1x Savant

Program (7)
1x Dhegdheer
3x Grappling Hook ●●●●● ●
3x Self-modifying Code

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Down the White Nile

Maybe I haven’t tested it out enough yet, but it feels a little too fragile at the moment. And I never know whether or not ProCon is better then Laguna. I never play Shaper, so I’m out of my element.


For those of you running something other than Film Critic, Imp is a handy substitute, particularly if you’re running 3x Scavenge.


Oops, liked that post too fast : you can’t tutor Imp with Wu unfortunately (virus) :confused:

This means you have to tutor SMC to instal Imp for 4c, so “sacrificing” a SMC like that means Imp is one of the main strength of your deck (this left 2 for other stuff)

Main problem of Wu after toying with the ID a little is draw/MU/multi-access/money : pick 2.5

I tried Au Revoir with Sec Nexus / Rabbit Hole / Underworld Contract, this is a faster set Sunny at 45 cards, but with huge problems of multi-access :confused:


Just play 3 scavenges for Imp, or Reclaim which is amazing. For MU problems, I am playing a origami deck with the full breakers suite of cy cy, lady, nanotek and brahman (total of 8 mu) and 2 cyberdelia and 2 dhedgeer never give me MU troubles


My general rule is to never play Laguna unless I’m playing Hayley. It’s really only good in her, since you really want to be burning through your deck in order to make use of the double installs as often as you can get them. In everyone else I prefer ProCon, assuming I’m going to play it.


I’ll echo that in Wu. I had 2x Laguna in a previous iteration of my deck, and that really didn’t feel as strong as I remembered it being in Hayley. I think the exception would be if you were running a lot of event-based burst economy and/or had lots of very cheap (0-1 credit) installable cards that also add to your economy engine (e.g., Tech Writer, Tech Trader + Spy Cam).


Just played against a magical Wu, and thanks to the magic of PE milling, I saw the deck (only two card unsure : not sure about the third Game day, but very very probable, and very very unsure about the Levy : he put those two on top of stack after a Data Loop run, so I would be surprised if that was it. Can’t be a prevent net too.).

The player was a chineese guy playing very well and fast (@Calimsha fast), and with a nick whose translation was “go f*** yourself”. So.

Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker
45 cards
Influence: 15/15 ●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​
Tournament legal

Event (15)
3 Deep Data Mining
2 Dirty Laundry
3 Game Day
1 Levy AR Lab Access :unicorn:
3 Peace in Our Time ●​●​●​
3 Sure Gamble

Hardware (6)
2 Ekomind ●​●​●​●​●​●​
4 NetChip

Program (10)
3 Origami ●​●​●​●​●​●​
2 Overmind
2 Savant
3 Self-modifying Code

Resource (14)
2 Beth Kilrain-Chang
3 Daily Casts
3 Dean Lister
2 Sacrificial Construct
1 Same Old Thing
3 Technical Writer

Removed a saccon and put another SOT. Trying to incrust Diesels there.


Imp is good with Test Run, since putting it back on top of your deck restores its counters, even though that’s a little slow. Even though Kabonesa can’t tutor Test Run, it’s still like having four Imps which is like having four Film Critics, sort of


Wu has a presence in Red Sand because of fluff. She was always intended to be in Kitara. I cannot comment on her specific ID ability and the testing iterations. Whether any of the fluff about her ever sees the light of day is something only the story team knows.


Is the theory here that you just trash it on access so they can’t score it, then just run Archives later when you can pay for any built in protection it might have?

EDIT: In reply to @Lttlefoot.


Yeah, or run archives when it would give you enough points to win the game so those “when stolen” abilities never resolve