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The NISEI Board plays... Encore! The Future of Organized Play

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/encore-the-future-of-organized-play/

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Looking forward to seeing that shortlists of locations for Worlds 2019.

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As I have already stated in slack, play mats are just gonna increase the shipping costs and probably are going to create a fuss with customs and stuff. Will there be an option to get only cards as prizes, or other stuff lice the ANRPC dice or the Psi fidget spinners and stuff like that? Even an PCB ID in an envelope will cost way less than a playmat shipped from USA to Europe.


Looks really good!

I like this.

I do suggest you look at how WotC has laid out their rulebooks for MtG. While I don’t expect/demand/suggest you follow it exactly, it’s helpful to have a separation between Things You Need To Know To Play (rulebook), Things You Need To Know To Play In A Tournament (MTR; Magic Tournament Rules), and Things Judges Need To Know (IPG; Infraction and Penalty Guide.)

  • Tiebreaker rounds are Genius, I tell you.
  • Regular MWL updates will be very welcome, even if all you say is ‘No Update.’
  • Proxy policy mildly worries me, but I think it’s better to be permissive than not. (I still kinda want to have my Actual Cards mean something, but that’s just a selfish desire.)
  • I wish I had time to actually apply for staff… :frowning:

This is what Magic actually has. Regular updates that most of the time consist of “No Changes”, but encompass all formats (of which NISEI now supports 4, albeit one cannot be updated ever), that come out regularly timed after the release of new sets and after major events, with each update also containing the date of the next update. I’m rambling here, but the way to go is obviously to have legality updates come in on a regular schedule, where each update also contains the date of the next update, even if it is just a “No Changes”.


I’m calling it now, the first NISEI developed breaker is called Scoop. Clearly.