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The Plugged In Tour

Discuss the latest announcement on the ANR plugged in tour.


This is very cool, that they are doing this outreach program.

Vote for The Collective!!! :smiley:

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Agreed, I think she is much more interesting than the Criminal ID. i am excited for them to start playing with bigger deck sizes.

Idk, I’m kinda leaning toward Laramy Fisk (although he seems more conventional and less radical than the other identity). I really like the idea of The Collective, but I’d prefer it if the influence wasn’t so low and the deck size so massive… Does the ability merit such a penalty? Plus, everyone has been aching for a new criminal runner. I feel like, however, by the time the tournament comes along I’ll actually end up voting for The Collective.

Oh yeah, and I really dislike that Gabe alt artwork:

When did he gain 50 lbs and become a white guy??? Also, did he get a new robotic arm? and dye his hair brown? and basically become the lead singer of Smash Mouth?

Well, I also dislike the Kate alt artwork. They are both doing cliche non-hacker things: painting and just finished shooting someone. When I look at them, the art just doesn’t seem to fit. Gabe is supposed to have the hook-ups and be a cyber criminal. Kate is supposed to be a genius, boyish hacker, not some pink artsy “oh watch me paint!”.

I would’ve killed instead for something like this:

At least whoever did Bank Job knows how to make Gabe look cool:

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it must be a running joke which of Gabes arms is cybernetic


I’m kind of hoping the individuals in the game age as the game ages, and that’s just an older, fatter Gabe who’s gotten rich and lazy in his older years (as opposed to his prime in the board game Infiltration, haha).

Watching Chaos Theory grow old, get her first cyber-boyfriend, her first broken heart (for which she hacks her ex’s rig, fakes his identity as Exile and sells him out to NBN). Kids grow up so fast :smile:

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The New Gabe Santiago, part time lead singer for the all-star Smash Mouth:


I am ashamed of myself.



oh, wow, that is great

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LOL oh my god, I just peed a little

wow there is so much off about this artwork. I just noticed that he has a sleeve on one arm and no sleeve on the other, who makes shirts like this?

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This is really cool, but goddamn it there are no events near me! Fuck!

edit: wow, there aren’t any events within a 6 hour radius of me. YUNO like Michigan/Ohio/Indiana, FFG?

I don’t know how I feel about this promotion. It’s a bit annoying that once again Europe gets left out. They’re not even covering all of the US and Canada.

My gut tells me that both IDs are underwhelming, and deliberately so. If it’s their genuine intention to scrap the card that doesn’t win, then it suggets they haven’t designed anything to specifically work with these IDs. I feel Fisk is more playable in the current environment; The Collective will need a lot of good in-faction events and permanent effects that are worth repeating (like Pro Contacts) in order to be playable, so it’s not for today’s playing field.

If you burn three clone chips on your opponent’s turn, do you gain a click? Hehehe.

I think “action” means something that required a click to do. Clone chip is essentially just a paid ability so it wouldn’t count, whichever turn you did it in. You wouldn’t expect to get an extra click for boosting an icebreaker 3 times would you?
What is interesting is that using the [click] ability of a card in play is an action, so you could click three different things to gain the freebie: Pro Contacts, Kati Jones, Djinn - thank you very much :smile:

Likewise, playing an event is also an action. So The Collective wants a good concentration of in-faction events and should spam them out on a 3-for-the-price-of-2 basis.

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I don’t think that constant 5 click turns could be underwhelming, especially given the broad definition of what actions are. It’s basically the Over-Powered Identity that I hypothesized in the thread where we discussed replicator:

As I was thinking about this, I wondered, if there was a hypotherical identity that said: Gain :click: at the start of each of your turns, use this click only to install hardware.

Even that, coupled with pawnshop would mean that all of your clicks until you run out of cards to pawn would be worth an extra .25 credits. Seems good, but look what it took just to get that.

So 5 clicks per turn AND room for tons of cards to pawn. Just an example of how Collective potentially opens up design space.

Yes, 5 clicks is decent, but having a big deck is a big disadvantage. The way you describe it, you seem pleased to be carrying more junk in the deck under the pretense of selling it later to Aesop, who is statistically less likely to show up because you have ten extra cards slowing you down.

With so little influence you’ll be carrying inefficient breakers and (at least with the current card pool) will be really scraping the barrel to find enough cards in faction that synergise.

Having an extra action is only strong if you can spend it on something you want to do anyway. With the restriction it’s still a decent ability but you mustn’t fall into the trap of taking sub-par actions in order to feel like you’re getting the most out of the ID. The way I would view it is that if you have an action you would ordinarily choose to do twice, you can do it a third time for free. If you would choose to do it three times, only then do you actually gain a click.

It does upgrade the value of certain cards though: clicking MO now becomes $3 a click effectively, and PC becomes $3 and 3 cards per two clicks.

But you’re unlikely to be able to afford to make three runs in a turn, likewise logistically you’re unlikely to be able to perform three installs in a row. So you’re pretty much restricted to clicking cards in play (not necessarily a bad thing), clicking for money/cards or playing events.

The Collective will work and certainly opens up new deckbuilding and play decisions, but I think at the moment you’ll be hauling around too much chaff to make the ability work for you. The card pool will be bigger in a year’s time though, so who knows?

Runners have a ton of redundancy, jam 3 rabbit hole 3 diesel 3 quality time into your favorite shaper deck and you are halfway done building your deck.

Well it’s more complicated than that…
Your “favorite shaper deck” is carrying out of faction cards that help it to do the intended job more efficiently. So you have to replace most of those with in faction alternatives which, if they exist at all, will be way less effective than the cards you were originally playing.

I doubt there can be many current shaper decks that would be viable using your scheme. Even just replacing icebreakers will probably cost enough in the long term to offset the benefit of the additional click. You’ll be using that extra click either to charge Crypsis or gain money to fuel your less efficient shaper breakers. Alternatively, you’ll be spending most/all your influence on out of faction breakers, and now you have no Account Siphon, Inside Job, Datasucker, Hostage etc.

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On a personal selfish play, I’d prefer the criminal because I think he helps the Corp more than hurts him and I enjoy rooting for the underdog. That being said, the Collective at least feels like a step away from similarity in playing netrunner, not just deck construction. You’ll see one turn with high econ, one turn with high running, one turn with high events. It will ebb and flow differently then what is currently the ‘norm’. And variance is always a good thing. It seems like a good amount of flavor. That being said, I’m not sure how I like the idea of runners having an extra click, even if the first 3 clicks are the same thing.

omg, lol, what is this??


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