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The Plugged In Tour

Eh, go for it I guess. Never hurts asking. Let’s put one in Santorini and we can all take a trip :slight_smile:

lawl, check this one out:

I won’t go into too much detail but I do not think they are handling this in an appropriate or wise manner. This self-censorship just hurts themselves.

I’m surprised by my fellow Europeans, I don’t get all the fuss. Going insane over two average identities, saying hi to Demon Stone and some shiny cards?

I see over here in the Netherlands more tournaments are being organised, with or without kits. I see more players, but if we reach 50 it would be much. It’s growing, but still very small

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I don’t think it’s about the identities. The feeling is that the rest of the world is somehow viewed as second class citizens who don’t deserve a say in this selection process. It also makes the promo card significantly harder to get hold of for collectors (and therefore the prices will be inflated on ebay).

A lot of the other alt art cards were available cheaply because unscrupulous TOs and retailers bought Game Night and Regional kits to break apart for resale, but Gabe will only be available to attendees at the official Plugged In Tour events. The knock on effect is that some people will go just for the promo card (to make a quick buck) and get to vote in a selection process that they don’t actually care about; while the people who do care and want to have a say are sat on the sidelines.

It makes no odds to me, I’ll play whatever cards are released and am not bothered about collecting. But I still share, somewhat, in the European feeling of disinclusion. It irritates me that I’ll probably never have a shot at the World Champs in A:NR or AGoT because they will always be in the US and there’s no paid travel package.

It’s not that the rest of the world are second class citizens.

The rest of the world is simply more expensive for this small American company to send employees too.

At the end of the day FFG is a company. As the game builds I expect the international aspect to grow just like it did for MTG.

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Absolutely, this is no EA (Sports) chosing to ignore some part of the world. This a company spending it resources wisely and going for a steady expansion.

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Funnily, AEG was a (much) smaller company in the beginnings of L5R, and they still managed to include French players (I can’t speak about other non-us countries, but I expect it was the same) with promo cards, participation in storyline events, and official tournaments.

Otoh, L5R had an organization in France started by people who knew AEG, and who made that possible. I believe all the discussion around this be should “FFG, how can we help you extend these events to the rest of the world” rather than all the hostility we’re seeing around.

Great point Moah. The only opinions I’ve heard so far are “FFG are evil for leaving some people out” or “it’s inevitable, there’s nothing anyone could do”. I like the idea of taking a more proactive stance and seeing what could be done to encourage/help FFG expand future events. Also, its helpful to disentangle the various parts of the tour. Could FFG send employee’s to Europe (and it would have to be many different countries, or else it doesn’t really solve the problem)? Probably not. Could they, in future, find a way to include European players in votes like this one? Possibly. Could some way be found to give other people access to promo cards? Almost certainly. Maybe people who want these things should let FFG know (in a civil way). I’m sure they’d appreciate the feedback, as opposed to the tides of vitriol we’ve seen from some commenters.

Or… How about a European promotion that the US are left out of, sparking a inter-continental rivalry that will be represented by future cards in the game?

Ugh, that would just double down on the outrage. Bad idea.

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I always wondered why Americans use the expression “double down” when “double up” seems to make more sense. A quantity gets bigger when it’s doubled!

It has to do with black jack: when you double your bet in exchange for the dealer putting down one last card for you

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That’d be great, runners will get cards like:

Event: Run on a server. The corporation cannot rez any ice because everyone is on holiday.
How do they get so many days off? I don’t know, and I don’t care…

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Yeah, so now I’m thinking, damn, the collective should be like 60 card minumum and 0 influence.

Yeah that would probably be better. Not sure if that would weaken it enough however.

So the consensus is that The Collective is really quite strong, eh? I’ve been out of the loop.

From what I’ve heard, the collective makes cards like pc and opus give the runner such a ridiculous economy advantage it nearly breaks the game

Its won 2/3 of its games on OCTGN.