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The Truth about True Colors (Card Ratings)

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/the-truth-about-true-colors-card-ratings/

Yep, you know how my ratings work by now.  5 is amazing, game defining cards.  4 means good in many decks.  3 means good only in particular decks.  2 is weak, but might have some possible use.  1 is really bad, and 0 is when its so bad that its funny.   As always, these are initial ratings, having not played the cards yet, so all I’ve done is think about them.  Some of these ratings will turn out wrong.  Hopefully not lots of them, or not too wrong.   Another way to think about this is that a really…

Few thoughts I had while reading through:

Useful for deep dig decks to play before doing a dig to negate Snare and Shock? Does require you running HQ first and then another click to play it though. Last click runs aren’t going to be scary though.

LLDS Processor
Seems to me to be aimed at recursion decks (so mostly Exile I guess)

Rex Campaign
May be useful in an econ denial deck (is this a thing?), pay 1 to make the Runner pay 3, if they don’t then you gain 5 later.

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@ ExplosiveVI

Leverage seems worse in that situation than something like a deus ex, especially since the current hotness for R&D digging is interface and indexing, which don’t go too far down.

LLDS may be good early on, but it has the dinosaurus problem of only being useful before your rig is full. It might see play if there is some crazy recursion engine later on, but currently, as an avid exile player, there isn’t enough recursion.

I do agree that rex campaign is decent, costing 1 to flip makes it close enough to worthwhile that i’d try it in a wide HB setup, especially since ETF makes it functionally free. If I’m strapped for cash, trash cost 3 is just enough to make me not want to trash it.

But Rex Campaign seems substantially worse than Adonis Campaign - both have an initial investment of 1 credit (Adonis costs 4 but gives you back 3 immediately), and then Adonis gives you 9 more over the next three turns while Rex gives you 5 or a BP clear in two turns with no turn-two profit. By the time Rex gives you that choice, Adonis would have given you a credit extra and would still have another turn of giving you 3.


yea adonis seems to laugh at rex

yes, it is worse, adonis campaign is basically as good as it gets for drip economy. you’d run it as copy 4-6 if you ever want to force the runner to spend a bunch of money trashing your stuff

Well, Rex Campaign is also worse than Pad Campaign, not just Adonis. So maybe if you need cards 7-9.

The other problem is that its upside isnt so big that the runner feels that its important to trash it (unless he gets a bonus to trashing things). In the end, you’ve got a Hedge Fund with a several turn delay, thats vulnerable to trashing, and is worse than all the comparable cards like Adonis and Pad.

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I think the only hope for Rex is if there ever comes a card which allows manipulation of power counters or triggers from power counters.

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Sweeps Week and TGTBT will be amazing in NBN TWIY* Scorched Earth decks.

The former can’t be countered by the runner having a small hand as he’ll want to draw up to prevent getting Scorched, the latter will be strong for setting up for the kill or for Midseasons.

I think TWIY rush decks will also get a major boost. Between sweeps week, paper wall, and swordsman, this deck archetype is faster and has counters to its big weakness, which was crypsis

I don’t think I like playing TGTBT in TWIY Scorched. The limited deck space for agendas seems far too precious and people tend to have learnt by now, that you rarely run on your last click. I do agree with Sweeps Week though.

Lawyer Up seems really interesting, I don’t like Quality Time very much in criminal since it tends to cost a bit too much to draw too many cards but Diesel tends to eat too much influence. Running 3 Account Syphon and 2 John Masanori should be enough to support at least 2 Lawyer Up in a deck.

Also running tag-me will be alot more scary with Punitive Counterstrike around for additional pressure on the plascretes.


For Leverage, does the corp choose to take the 2 bad pub when Leverage is resolved, or when the damage would be resolved? A friend called me out on this and I wanted to make sure that he was right and I was wrong.

When Leverage is resolved.

Thanks very much Alex, I had a feeling my friend was right on that (I had initially read it as the corp decides when the damage would be dealt) I see my error now, thanks

im guessing you can use lawyer up even when you have no tags, might find a place in anarch

I guess the design of Rex is based on the fact that it has a choice of effects, so you pay premium for that versatility. If BP becomes a serious threat to the corp then the secondary effect might come into play to make it a viable option, but if you’re just looking for $ then this isn’t the right card for asset economy. Yes, there are better ways to remove BP, but Rex has versatility so it saves card slots on stocking both effects separately. The long-term success of this card though will depend on future cards to exploit BP; cards like Blackmail (that trigger merely from the Corp having BP) could make it more desirable to shift.

A comment about Shock! When running archives, the runner chooses the order in which cards are accessed, so Shock!s won’t prevent a game-winning run. It’s worth bearing that in mind when assessing this card in the context of Keyhole.

Starlight is terrible at present, but I still have a feeling deep in my gut that very soon we’ll see something that keys off losing clicks that will make this and Hard at Work into playable cards.

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No point doing that. Clicking twice to draw will net you the same +2 cards, and not spend $2.

That’s not quite the same situation though Alex.
Given that you have Lawyer Up in your hand, playing it gives you three new cards whereas drawing gives you only two. Although the net gain is the same (which is relevant as far as damage is concerned), playing Lawyer Up gets you further into your deck. So the question becomes whether or not seeing that extra card is worth $2 (and whether or not a better opportunity might come up later on to use the Lawyer to also shift tags).

Your argument is more valid if you’re speaking in terms of whether to include Lawyer Up in you deck - if your plan was only ever to play it for cards then you’d be better off clicking for singles and having a different card in there (since 3 x click2draw ~ 1 x click2draw + Lawyer). But given that it can shift tags as well I’d see it as a reasonable alternative in a deck that was already packing Diesel but wants to save influence.

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I just made a quick refining of my Reina http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/1537/scorched-corp and the results are… Oh my god Keyhole is so powerful!

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