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The Underway Set Review

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/the-underway-set-review/

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What the hell, it’s been like 3 hours or something and so far no one has criticized the review scale or said that a card is obviously under/over scored! We’re losing our touch, damn it.


I’ll bite. How does Test Ground get anything more than 0? Much less putting it ahead of Pachinko or even Defective Brainchips. I can at least see a moderately useful purpose for those cards.


I’ll bite. Using LLDS Processor as an example of a 2/5 card? Didn’t you know LLDS Replicator Chameleon London Library is the new meta?

Seriously though, good review. I would rate Allele and Expose lower because 2 to rez is expensive on top of the cost of the advancement tokens.

I agree that should have put Test Ground at 2 instead of 2.5 and LLDS Processor is not a good example of a 2
Hard to get things perfect : X

You say the best runners for Faust are Noise and Quetzal, but I would argue MaxX is better than either since she gets a free card every turn.

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I disagree. MaxX has inherently less ability to use Faust in the long run. She already only gives you access to ~30% of her deck (~60% with levy), and if you have to trash even more of her deck to fuel Faust then that’s even less usable economy and other cards.

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Ideally with MaxX, there is no long run.

Just play a bigger deck then.

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Probably depends on the MaxX deck. RAM has a pretty excellent late game and can go the distance. True she is on a timer and sets up fast but that isn’t all she does.

True with big deck MaxX. 110 cards go.

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and never find your Faust early on…

You’re MaxX, you have free draw and easy recursion for it if it gets milled, it’s fine.

Oh sure you will. Play Wyldside-Pancake, you see 5 cards per turn (that’s my current deck, and it’s working :p).

On a sidenote, the best card for “my game” is Allele. This card is just a giant banana with ice cream and top chocolate for my Tennin deck :smiley: